First palliative care website launched

Scores of people representing different communities in Oman pledged to offer palliative care to the needy at an event here on Saturday.

The occasion also marked the launch of a first-of-its-kind Oman Palliative Care (OPC) website dedicated for palliative care at the Grand Millennium Hotel Muscat.

This is the first such official initiative for those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Anyone can support a palliative care initiative and help the deserving people the hospital care in the comfort of their homes.


“Every single person who is compassionate towards other human beings can be a supporter of the palliative care. Patients need to consider what they think is valuable and how patients values change depending on their condition towards those bed-ridden,” said Dr Sora al Rawas, Internal Medicine Consultant at Royal Hospital.


WHO reports suggest that over 25.5 million people globally die every year with serious health issues that require palliative care.

The number of people who experience serious health-related suffering is much higher, with an additional 35.5 million people requiring some degree of palliative care beyond end-of-life care.

October 12 has globally been dedicated to hospices and patients needing palliative care and this year’s theme is ‘My care, my right’. Globally, thousands of people from across 80 countries convened to make hospice and palliative care a public health priority.