Salalah Charity gives healing touch to people in need

SALALAH: A friend in need is friend indeed. And who can be better friends than people at ‘Salalah Charity’, which has come up recently to help all those who are stuck in some situation or the other due to prevailing coronavirus pandemic and serve the humanity during the holy month of Ramadhan.

The Salalah Charity has already taken up its job under the slogan ‘from society to society’ by identifying the needy families and converting them into productive families by dint of basic support and care.

The Charity has perceived the situation emerged out of the Covid-19 spread and necessary measures to combat the disease which has resulted in restrictions on many business activities and thus the livelihood of many people.

“It is a concerted effort of the government agencies, the civil society and people who are inclined towards helping others in a situation like this,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Hassan al Marhoon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Salalah Charity Team.

Commenting on the modus operandi of the team, Al Marhoon said, “The team is working under the supervision of the Social Development Committee in Salalah with an objective to enhance the government efforts in societal areas and to achieve social solidarity between members of the society. The idea here is to provide assistance to families in distress now upgrade them later to productive families… It makes sense to give them an opportunity to join the national mainstream.”

The charitable team is guided by the values ​​of true religion and sustainability of the Omani society to establish social solidarity. It has lined up several programmes with the support of individuals, institutions and members of the civil society. It has well thought initiatives and plans based on solid social research and a team to deliver the job.

According to Al Marhoon, “The Charity is collecting aid from those who are willing to participate and has plans to provide necessary health and medical supplies to needy families during and after the holy month of Ramadhan, and also help them withstand the burdens posed by the Covid-19 situation.”

The community initiative is bearing fruits as the team members have also been tasked with identifying the needy expatriate workforce and giving them food baskets containing necessary groceries and other necessary items needed to keep them clean, which is a major requirement to the Covid-19 at bay.

Al Marhoon said, “A large number of needy and vulnerable families are there which deserve real support and we expect an increase in the number of such families in the coming days and months. Keeping this in in mind we have been mobilising resources and seeking expert advice to handle the situation.”

He added that the team consists of several committees and teams there are more than 200 volunteers as of now. He is hopeful of serving the community with this new initiative, which is receiving very good response from private and public sector establishments.