The Phoenix Rises Again!

‘Health & Beauty go Hand-in-Glove’


It’s Time for Desert-Sand Beauty & Wellness!
After the summer break, the hotel I am working for, the Dunes by Al Nahda Resort, is preparing for reopening and will have its renewed launching this October.
Excitement is palpable. Let me explain why.
As someone who champions Holistic Wellness, there is joy in the wellness brought about by the desert sand — the beauty that it imparts, the skin as smooth as silk with nary a wrinkle. Each curve of the silhouette defined. And energy that is indescribable.
Now, how on earth is this possible, you ask!
Sand is nature’s gift to mankind. I have this unforgettable memory of being in the sunny shores in the Mediterranean — it was a holiday with my late grandmother who was wheelchair bound — crippled by arthritis.
My daily job, as a 6-year-old, was to ensure that grandma’s legs were covered in sand, as she sat on the beach, watching us swim and frolic in the sea.
Twelve days later, after the holiday was over, grandma boarded the flight back home, on her own two feet with the help of a walking cane. If that was not a miracle, I don’t know what is!
It left an indelible impression on my young 6-year-old mind, that there was “Magic in the Sand.”
And here I am today, decades later, after intensive research and Treatment results, advocating ‘Nature’s Powers to Beautify and Heal’.
The origins of sand therapy go back to ancient times. Historiography reveals that Ancient Greeks and Romans treated rheumatisms by immersing the patient’s body, from the chest to the feet, into hot sand.
The granular structure and the fact that sand originates from minerals means that it has remarkable therapeutic properties. Sand is the product of very slow and constant erosion of rocks, caused by atmospheric agents and seawater. Amongst the granules, which are various shapes and are 0.5-2mm in size, there are sediments of all types of rocks, from quartz to silicon and limestone, and residues of minerals that are present in seawater, such as sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, chlorine and calcium, which penetrate the body via osmosis.
This is why, when we talk about sand baths (or sand
therapy), we refer to a multifunctional type of therapy
which combines the beneficial effects of heat with those of minerals. Generally speaking, very hot sand is used
(48-60°C), but, thanks to its characteristics, it does not burn the body and it very gradually releases heat, allowing the body’s pores to absorb it without undergoing excessive temperature changes.
The average time of a session is 20 minutes, and then, usually, a reaction period follows which is undergone in the appropriate rooms with a pampering fresh herbs and aroma-oil head to toe massage.
Want to flatten your stomach, slim your waist-line, beautify your skin, get rid of that nagging back pain, hurting knee, or just detoxify and rid your stressed mind and body of its tension ……
Sounds too good to be true; October is just around the corner, try one session — you will be hooked for life.
Behold, the smiling vision that stares back at you from the mirror – is that youthful Beauty/Hunk, really you!
Excitement is palpable, I said. It’s simply because I’ll be back on the grind doing what I do best.