Summer rains around Al Hajr Mountains

Muscat enjoyed a day under the clouds with gentle breeze even though it is towards the end of July and it is the middle of the summer. It may be noted that parts of Muscat governorate received morning showers on Monday.

“There is a low pressure in the upper level 800 to 700 millibar, but the weather experienced currently is due to the wind coming from the Arabian Sea,” said the weather forecaster at Oman Met Office.

Mohammed al Mashaykhi, weather forecaster noted, “Dhofar has been experiencing drizzle and has received rains in the desert areas.  Other than that it has been the active local clouds of Al Hajr Mountains.”

The south-easterly is in contrast with the north-westerly wind, which is dry and hot.  The maximum temperature experiences in the mountains of Dhofar ranges between 24 to 25 degree Celsius.

The three governorates that enjoy the monsoon winds coming from the Arabian Sea are Dhofar governorate, Al Wusta and South Sharqiya.  The monsoon winds are moist and cooler than the wind that comes from the west.

“During this period Al Wusta and South Sharqiya enjoy low clouds and fog during late night and early morning.  This helps to increase the humidity in the air to develop local clouds.  It is the south-easterly wind that takes the humidity to Al Hajr Mountains.  Al Hajr Mountains also receive humidity from the Oman Sea.  All of this results in the summer rains around the Hajr Mountains,” he explained.

This time of the year is also popular for surfing in South Sharqiya, specifically Al Ashqara as well as Kalboo, Muttrah.

Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea winds will be easterly to northeasterly light to moderate during the day becoming variable light at night and along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea winds will be southerly to southwesterly moderate to fresh while over the rest of the Sultanate winds will be southeasterly light to moderate occasionally fresh.

The Met Office urges everyone to be cautious when they are in foggy areas as there could be horizontal visibility reduction during thundershowers and fog.

On July 28, partly cloudy to cloudy skies with a chance of isolated rain over governorates of Dhofar, south al Sharqiya and al Wusta. Mainly clear skies over the rest of the sultanate with high and medium clouds advection and the chance of convective clouds development and rain occasionally thundershower over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining willayats during the afternoon.