Magic in the Himalayan Mountain


On top of the Himalayan mountain, the voice of American Country Singer John Denver crooning the lyrics of his song ‘Rocky Mountain High’ comes to mind. A line from the said song had Denver hailing the ‘Misty mountains high.’ On a much-needed break, I was here. The air was so crisp. The aromas of fresh herbs growing on the mountain filled my senses. The incessant clear notes of exotic birds songs accompanied by the whispering of the cedar trees as they danced with the gentle mountain breeze — this to me were the second heaven. Need I say more?!
Into the Himalayas, I did go. My quest was to search of the ‘Healing Powers of these mighty mountains.’ Lo-and-behold, it lay all around, just ready for the taking.

This brought me back to the Virgin Oman Mountains, and the wealth of health and healing that it has to offer — just ripe-for-the-plucking.
The greens of the Himalayas, and browns of the Oman Mountains, what a contrast, and yet so similar in their mighty powers.
As I scrambled up the Himalayan trails, basket on my arm, the rising sun cast it’s rosy glow, turning the morning mist into a cauldron of sparkling diamonds.
My excitement knew no bounds, the valleys below me were filled with the clouds that had come to rest the evening before and were now stirring in the morning light, ready to climb back into the sky, whence they came.
My basket got filled with herbs, plucked from the rich mountain resources, and Himalayan pink salt scraped from the rocks that crisscrossed my path. Back to the Woodlands Resort did I return, laden with my treasures.
First came my morning pot of tea, made with select herbs from my early morning collection, so pure and flavourful.
Then came the highlight, the basket of fresh herbs, and Himalayan salt were liquidised, and my body massaged from head to toe for 60 glorious minutes with the product, followed by a steam-bath and shower.
I felt like a blooming flower of the Himalayan mountains!
The Himalayas, at highs of seven thousand feet above sea level, and soar way-up higher into the heavens, are filled with flora and fauna so rare, they take your breath away. Each step that you take is a virgin foot-print. So protected are these mountains by nature — she beckons for you to explore her beauty and hidden wealth of happiness and healing.
A single visit to the Himalayas sets one on a life-long journey in search of true love in its eternity. So magnetic are her powers!