Islam in Oman .. A precious letter that is pride of the nation


There is an article that is displayed at the National Museum of Oman that often stirs emotions in people and because of its great significance, a sample of this article is exhibited in other museums as well.
It is a letter written in Arabic using ink and used leather as a canvas and is believed by the museum to have been penned in 8 AH/630 CE.
The document is a letter from the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) bearing his stamp to Abd and Jaifar, joint Kings of Oman at that time. The letter was sent through ‘Amr Ibn al-‘As to Jaifar and Jaffer ibn al Julanda.
Halima al Maimani from the National Museum of Oman explained, “The capital city then was Suhar. So this letter was sent asking the people of Oman to convert to Islam.”
He mentioned in the letter, ‘Bismillahi Rehman Rahim, from Mohammed, the Prophet of Allah, I am asking you to convert to Islam and if you do your whole life in peace, but if you do not you will live in wars.’
So in response to the letter, Oman was the first country to convert to Islam without any war. It is said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) made a prayer for the Omani people that they will never have enemies from outside.”
The letter is an important display at the National Museum at an area dedicated to the Islamic history of Oman.