Health & Beauty with Frankincense (Part 2 of a Series)

Dr MaryAnn Roberta – –

In continuation of last week’s “Ramadhan Final Purification,” would you like to learn how to make at home Frankincense Products?
This week, that’s exactly what we are going to learn to do.

To powder Frankincense is a tricky job;
follow the following programme:
• Frankincense ‘How to Powder & Store’ — for Teas & Tinctures
• Frankincense ‘Oil extract’ & Salve — for Beauty, Medicinal, and Aromatic purposes
• Frankincense ‘Wax Recipe’ — for Hair, Beard, and Mustache gloss and beautification.

• Frankincense ‘Powder & Store’ — for Teas, Tinctures, Oil Infusions, Salves, & More.

How to Grind Frankincense:
1. Freeze the Frankincense resin in the freezer over night or longer. [resins are ‘oil-based’ and melt when exposed to heat].
2. Slow Grind small quantities in a coffee grinder to fine, light powder.
3. Spread ground powder on plate/tray, stir periodically for an hour or so, [to liberate moisture that has been locked in the water soluble gum portion since the day this fragrant sticky stuff bled from a tree in the desert.
4. Store in sealed container.

Points to note
Once the powder dries it will stay loose in a sealed container and will not clump.
How to clean up sticky resin residue on hands, surfaces and working tools? Rub with olive oil, then dissolve with dish soap and warm water.

• Frankincense ‘Oil extract’ & Salve — for Beauty, Medicinal, and Aromatic purposes

How to make Frankincense Oil :
1. Set up a water-bath [Bain Marie], with two containers/jars.[Ensure water level is a bit above resin & oil levels.]
2. Fill jar 1 with frankincense powder [1 part]
3. Fill jar 2 with extra virgin olive oil [5 parts]
4. Bring water to a boil, till resin gets as soft as it can [occasional stirring to ensure even heat distribution]
5. Let the resin and oil sit in the water-bath [at maximum temperature, approximately 100 degrees centigrate. Use a food digital thermometer to measure their respective temperatures,] for a few minutes.
6. Add a spoonfull of oil to the dissolved resin, stirring continuously till the mixture is smooth & not clumpy, [make sure no water drops fall in the jar], continue adding spoonfulls of oil till all the oil has been added, and the resin has dissolved.
7. Pour the homogeneously blend mixture while still fairly warm, through a fine mesh filter into a clean jar or bottle. A fine metal mesh coffee filter above a funnel works well.
The oil is now ready to use as-is or added to a compound product such as a salve or a crème.

Add the oil to your regular skin care products:
To speed the healing of acne and blemishing, and reduce scarring.
To soften and moisturise dry skin, and add a natural glow.
To reduce and slow the signs of ageing
To reduce inflammation and pain in joints

You will encounter difficulties if you do any of the following.
Always heat the resin and oil in separate containers/jars.
Always wait till resin and oil are heated close to 100 degrees centigrade, and are the same temperature.
Do not pour all the oil into the resin at the same time.
Never use a microwave or heat the materials on the stovetop without a waterbath.

Refer to Part-1 “Ramadhan Final Purification” for the use and application of Frankincense powders and oils.

Watch out for the 3rd part next Friday.