Health and the wonderment of Ramadhan

Holistic Wellness

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Yet we wish to believe that we know it all. Let us find out what we truly know, shall we? Ramadhan is an annual gift to mankind from the ‘Essence of Life,’ it is a time to repair, heal and renew the body, mind and soul.
This is a time to detoxify. An impure body carries an impure mind, resulting in impure actions, thoughts and deeds.
It is not just a time of fasting, prayers, and charity but rather, a time of ‘self’.
What occurs between the hours of ‘sun-set & sun-rise’ is imperitive to ‘self’ that transends to ‘all Mankind.’
The complete cycle of the moon has an effect on us. And what these effects are lessons to be learned.
The movement of the moon is time for beginnings, for action and accomplishments, for the completion and release and even for reflection.
The new moon is the beginning phase of the lunar cycle when intentions are set. It carries a fresh energy and potency, one that may spark a clarity of purpose and being within us.
The sky is darker at this time, turning us inward to our own creative light. It is a time to tune into your inner messages and the frequencies that want to connect with you.
Remember that while the moon is growing, so is anything we are putting out into the world. The first quarter moon brings with it a high energy level — a time to take action, be focused, to accomplish and manifest, and be grateful.
Awesome in its beauty and in full power, it is when creative energies are heightened. It often brings a time of completion or manifestation. Use the heightened energy constructively.
This is a time of reflection & release. We are more sensitive and aware of endings. Our energy is again turning inward to our own creative light. There is a feeling of transition [akin to rebirth].
When we go through this different moon cycle, so do we realise the importance of being part of nature and looking inwardly, bestows us of the understanding of a privileged human!
To fortify nature’s healing, let us understand the power of food.

Iftar & Suhoor
Date fruit is the ‘nectar of life.’ It is the Prophet’s first morsel after the day-long fast together with water. It provides the body with sugar, helping restore low blood sugar levels after the day’s fast.
It satiates the great hunger pangs, and is gentle on the digestive system; it’s natural fibre, protects the system from constipation; and its alkaline salts protects the body from harsh inflammatory side effects of excessive meat and carbohydrate intake, by adjusting the blood acidity levels.
For everyone who is doing fasting this Ramadhan, just a reminder. Hydrate with water and fresh fruit juices [not aerated drinks and artificial juices]. Eat a blend of protein and carbohydrates including fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, and nuts. Consume small and frequent meals. Supplement artificial sweet foods with pure honey, dates and fresh fruits.
Sleep has healing powers. Your body actually repairs and restores itself when you sleep. It is the ‘tuneup you need to run smoothly.’
As we begin our Ramadhan journey, blessings, health and happiness be yours. Ramadhan Mubarak to us all!

Dr MaryAnn Roberta