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How to make the best of your holiday

‘Traveling can boost your mental well-being since it gives you time off from work and daily stress. It is also a chance to get closer to nature, meet new people and widen your perspective in life’

Every summer millions of people around the globe take holidays either locally or abroad. Some do it to escape the hot weather, while others enjoy a break from work or travel to see their families.

Traveling can boost your mental well-being since it gives you time off work and daily stress, it is also a chance to get closer to nature, meet new people and widen your perspective in life.

This year I decided to take an early summer break to avoid the overpriced airline tickets and hotel prices and to enjoy nature without the crowds of other holidaymakers. However, this came with new challenges.

I was traveling to Bosnia and since the holiday season has not started there were no direct flights and the shortest connection was over six hours of transit at Istanbul airport, which meant losing a full day just for the journey and arriving exhausted at our hotel in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital.

Since it was early May the weather was cooler and it rained most days so we needed to wear jackets and take umbrellas.

Some of the attractions had severe flooding and the roads to the parks and waterfalls were closed which meant we had to spend most of the time at the city parks and take refuge at shopping malls when it rained.

Overall we managed to remain positive and look at the brighter side of things. We had a wonderful tour guide who spoke good Arabic and told us about the history of his country, about the war and the tunnel of life and took us to beautiful towns and villages up in the mountains where we experienced nature at its best. Reflecting on my experience I thought of sharing a few tips with you so you can all make the best of your holiday.

First, plan well and plan early to get the best airline and hotel prices. If you are taking different flight connections make sure you read the details as sometimes you will be required to collect your luggage during transit and check in again to your connection flight.

This would take time and you may be asked to pay for a visa simply to collect your luggage to join the following flight.

Find out if your booking includes a weight for luggage or if you have to pay for that separately. Read reviews about your hotel and the services available. Take cash with you and a debit or credit card so you can have access to more money if needed.

In my opinion, having a flexible and friendly tour guide is essential for a relaxed holiday as you will be spending a significant amount of time together and it’s important to trust him and feel comfortable about the service.

Most countries offer halal food but it’s important to ask if you are not sure. Beware of safety issues and avoid getting into conflicts or arguments with the locals.

Respect the costume of the country and the heritage especially when it comes to discussing historical events that can bring painful memories. Make sure to enjoy traditional food and try to relax and breathe fresh air.

Be thankful to god that he granted you health and wealth so you could explore new places and learn about new cultures and have a good time.

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