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40 players compete in Dhofar open chess tourney

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Muscat: The Dhofar Open Classic Chess Championship was launched at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Entertainment in Salalah on Monday and will continue until April 10.

The championship is part of the Youth and Sports gathering activities, organised by the General Directorate of Culture, Sports and Youth in the Governorate of Dhofar, within the annual plan for events and programmes.

As many as 40 top chess players are taking part in the tournament, namely: Salem al Amari, Mohammed al Amari, Muslim al amari, Mohammed al amari, Salem Beit Saeed, Thabet al Meshali, Said Cotton, Abdulsalam al Mashaikhi, Mohammed al Amari, Hassan al Kathiri, Amer Jaid, Ahmed Cotton, Salim Shammas, Muslim Jaaboub, Hamid Tabuk, Salim Shammas, Ali Zaabnot, Salim al Rawas, Mohammed Beit Said, Said al Kathiri, Abdulaziz al Amiri, Ahmed Amoush, Abdulaziz al Amari, Salim al Mashaikhi, Manea al Kathiri, Ali al Kathiri, Ali Majudah, Amin al Ansi, Hamid al Kathiri, Abdullah Fadel, Muslim al Amiri, Fahd Tabuk, Hamed Hardan Faisal al Mashali, Mohammed Baqi, Ahmed Fadel, Mohammed Fadel, Abdullah al Hadary, Mohammed Beit Said and Mahad Tabuk.

The championship is supervised by Salim bin Ahmed Fadhel as the chief referee, Abdullah bin Said al Shanfari, Abdulghaffar bin Al Baz Jamaan and Salem bin Ali Faraj al Mashikhi.

The tournament applies Swiss rapid system. Each player will play nine rounds, two games on each day for 20 minutes and 10 seconds for each movement.

The tournament also applies the tie-breaking system. In the event of the two or more players are tied in points, the positions are determined according to the tie-breaking systems in the Swiss system, which consider the result of the players meeting, or the Buchholz system, in which the total points of both the players are considered for the elimination. In the case of a further tie, the winner will be decided with a play-off match.

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