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Nutrition Among the Youth — A Concern


Healthy eating is the foundation of a healthy body at every stage of life, and good nutrition can influence how you feel on a day-to-day basis and in the long run. But the sad part is that despite so much awareness, the youth of today refrain from adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Today, highly demanding jobs, family and social pressures, etc. keep youngsters extremely busy and away from home most of the time, making them more prone to unhealthy eating causing them to have higher chances of becoming malnourished or overweight and vulnerable to many diseases coupled with lack of energy, restlessness, anxiety, and poor mental health. It is imperative that they focus on a balanced and nutritious diet, maintain an active lifestyle, and revamp their overall attitude.

Here are some simple tips:

Reduce calorie-dense snacks. — If you are hungry and craving to eat something, make it a healthy choice like fresh salads, fruits, nuts, etc. But if you snack out of boredom, try to identify the situations that trigger that impulse and formulate alternative strategies for dealing with that like going for a walk, reading a book or talking to a friend, etc.

Fill up on fruit and vegetables. — Since there is a limit to your calorie intake per day, especially if you are concerned about weight gain, it is best to focus on those foods that supply your body with essential nutrients rather than just filling yourself up with so-called, “ empty calories” or junk food loads. Simply eating two servings of vegetables with a meal will help to fill you up and reduce your desire to overeat during the day; eating an apple just an hour before your main meal will also help you eat less at your meal time. This will also boost immunity and improve mental health due to the natural antidepressants in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Beat the fatigue trap. — Feeling tired can lead most of us to eat foods that give a quick burst of energy like chocolate, cakes, and ice cream to name a few but a well-balanced and healthy diet will maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Exercise regularly. — Regular exercise works like a magic potion not only for long-term weight control but also to keep your brain happy and healthy, thus beating the blues naturally. To make exercise work, select an activity that you enjoy, start slowly, and stick with it. The best part about this healthy habit is that it makes you feel good and more energised, induces sound sleep, and is indeed self-reinforcing.

Join a support group/consult a professional. — A well-guided, supervised professional help offers sensible dietary advice, regular weigh-ins, and group support, which can really help with long-term motivation especially when you are struggling with irregular eating patterns, low energy, and trying to lose or control weight. This notion goes beyond saying that healthy and balanced eating can make you feel better, improve your quality of life, and even help you live longer, healthier, and happier.

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