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The importance of embracing imperfection in life

There are good days when you feel so productive and find it much easier dealing with life’s issues while during bad days you feel like doing nothing

You’ll be startled to know that an important aspect of the human brain is not to remember but to forget.

Daily you see a lot of faces, cars on the roads, or social media posts but your brain doesn’t keep a record of all those faces that just passed by, the number plates, or the posts scrolled.

It has the immense capability to forget all this irrelevant and excessive stuff and store in memory only the required amount.

Anything excessive is poison and we should know this aspect before it's too late.

“What ifs” is one of those poisons. We make hell out of ourselves thinking what if this job is gone? What if my kids won’t make up to a reputable college or university?

What if I don’t have a secure retirement plan?

However, not every time one needs to stick to a certain plan, and worthwhile is coming out of our what-if shells to realise the beauty of spontaneity in life.

Why me or why not me?

Nonetheless, this beauty is again smitten with the egos and envies we build around ourselves. We miss our old buddies but as they hadn’t contacted us in a while; our egos are not letting us reach out to them. An acquaintance gets promoted and we keep thinking in our heads why not me?

I had been working blood and sweat, I was more deserving. We fail to revisit our intellect that the Almighty has a plan for everyone and that not everybody’s paths are alike.

Mentoring goes wrong

What set of people surrounds us personally or professionally, offline or online matters to poison or remedy our lives. Be wise enough to know who is mentoring your life.

Privileged yet whining

Then there are times when we find ourselves the most destitute and unfortunate of beings. The same us who have weekend plans or at least have the space in our heads to think not to have one. While on this very planet, there exist those, who had never heard what a weekend is or might never know. For them barely surviving everyday life is all about.

We being living a ‘dream come true’ life for someone in some other corner of the world yet we continue to whine!

Asymmetric balance

As we find solace in ourselves, we invite the notion of perfectionism. A perfect home, kids, work-life balance and holiday. Albeit perfectionism is a sweet poison that cripples you of your happiness as it is nothing but an illusion. Life is not a movie ‘happily ever after’ but about maintaining asymmetric balances which makes it splendid.

There are good days when you feel so productive and find it much easier dealing with life’s issues while there are bad days when you feel like doing nothing but lying on the couch for no good reason.

Embrace both sides of yourself and not be guilty of the latter of course. The postulation is to keep moving!

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