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Five HM Cups at RCC final camel race


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Muscat, March 6

The Royal Court Affairs represented by Royal Camel Corps (RCC) will begin the final race of the season 2022-23 at Royal Camel Corps track in Barka from March 13 to 16.

The Royal Camel Corps have 11 events in this season including two events for camel beauty in Thamrait and Barka. An ‘Ardah' traditional show race for 400 metres in Barka followed eight events for camel races, four of them were refresher races, three qualification races and the final race.

Oman Camel Racing Federation (OCRF) will organise the final as per Oman role, the online camel registration, participating for purebred Omani camels owned by Omanis only, also forbidden to use doping and electric shocks. The organisers will test random samples from all rounds.

As many as 27 cars and 16 icons including 5 HM Cup will be presented as prizes for the final races in six categories, ‘Hagayeg’, ‘Lagaya’, ‘Ardah’, ‘Al Ythaa’, ‘Al Thanaya’ and ‘Al Hool’ divided into four days,

The opening day is allocated for ‘Hagayeg’ which is for two-year old camels (4 km), competing in 22 rounds with nine cars, two icons and cash prize for the top ten.

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The second day competition will be for the ‘Lagaya’ category for three-year old camels (5 km), challenging in 13 rounds with six cars, two icons and cash prize for the top ten.

Three categories will be on the third day. ‘Al Ythaa’ for four-year old camels for 5 km with three cars, two icons and cash prize for the top ten. In addition, three rounds are allocated for ‘Al Ythaa’ five years old for 6 km with a car and two icons as rewards. Four rounds will be held in ‘Al Hool’ category (6 years and above for 8 km) with a car and three icons as rewards. Also, there will be one round for ‘Ardah’, a category for human riders for 2 km, with prize of a car.

The final day competition includes six main rounds for all categories, ‘Hagayeg’, ‘Lagaya’, ‘Ardah’, ‘Al Ythaa’ ‘Al Thanaya’ and ‘Al Hool’, with the camels qualified from earlier three qualification races in action for five HM Cups along with SUV cars as prizes.

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