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‘Al Shahiniyyah’, ‘Eltemas’ claim top honours


Muscat, Feb 28

The Oman Camel Racing Federation (OCRF) final race competition continued on the third day, at Al Fulaij Square in Barka in the Governorate of South Al Batinah, supervised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth with the support of Occidental Oman Company, Royal Camel Corps, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Heritage and Tourism.

More than 1,600 camels took part in the final race from various governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, competing in 65 rounds to win 28 cars and 15 icons including the gold and silver sword, which will conclude on Wednesday.

The third day's competition included 15 rounds, allocated for three categories, ‘Ythaa’, which is four years old, for 6 km challenging in 10 rounds to win 5 cars and three daggers and cash prizes. ‘Thanaya’ is five years old, for 8 km, competing in two rounds to claim a car and the dagger. ‘Alhawl’ which is six and above, for 8 km, was competed in three rounds with a car and dagger as prizes.

Five rounds for ‘Ythaa’ with car prizes

Royal Camel Corps' ‘Al Shahiniyyah’ was ranked top in the opening round under the coaching of Amer al Omari, ‘Eltemas’, owned by Hilal al Sheedy, won the second round, ‘Hamlool’, owned by Saleh al Wahaibi, claimed the third round, ‘Shooalah’, owned by Abdullah al Wahaibi, claimed the fourth round and Nasser al Dohani's ‘Al Rahawi’ finished first in the fifth round.

Five rounds for ‘Ythaa’ with cash prizes

The sixth round was won by ‘Seoul’ owned by Said al Saeedi, the seventh round was snatched by ‘Alwasmiya’ owned by Ahmed al Saadi, the eighth round claimed by ‘Matloop’ owned by Ali al Jahhafi, the ninth round snatched by ‘Mansoura’ owned by Hamad al Jedili and the last round was won by ‘Sayeb’ owned by Ali al Hashemi.

‘Shawahin’ wins car

In ‘Thanaya’ category, ‘Shawahin’ claimed the car in the first round, owned by Hazaa al Mughiri, ‘Meplesh’ bagged the dagger in the second round, owned by Ahmed al Dari.

In ‘Alhawl’ category, ‘Wessam’ won the cash prize in the first round, which belong to Royal Camel Corps and supervised by Saif al Habsi, ‘Mayassa’ owned by Hamad al Wahaibi claimed the car in the second round, ‘Al Ghazal’ owned by Salim al Owaisi won the dagger to conclude the third day's competition.

At the end, Dr Abdullah bin Salim al Junaibi, Director of the Al Bashayer Square for Arabian Camels, honoured the winners in 15 rounds with cars and dagger.


On the final day, chief guest HH Sayyid Fares bin Fatik al Said, will honour the top winners.

The races include four rounds, two of them for ‘Thanaya’ category for 8 km, with two SUV cars and two daggers. And two round for ‘Alhawl’ category for 8 km, with two SUV cars, gold and silver swords.

The Omani camel owners will compete to win the silver sword, while the closing round for OCRF season will saw Al Bashayer camels competing with Royal Camel corps to win the golden sword.

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