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'Omsyah' wins car and icon at OCRF final festival

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Barka: The final competition of Oman Camel Racing Federation (OCRF) festival was launched on Sunday as part of its annual programme of the season 2022-23 at Royal Camel crops track on Barka.

The camel races, under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, will continue until March 1 at the Barka race course.

The races will witness participation of more than 1,600 camels from the various governorates of Oman. It includes 65 rounds, divided into six categories, 'Hagayeg', 'Lagaya', Ythaa', 'Thanaya', 'Alhawl' and 'Ardah'.

The opening day witnessed 27 rounds, for 'Hagayeg' category, which is two years old, for 4 km.

Seventeen rounds were held in the morning with cash prizes while nine rounds were staged in the afternoon with cars and icons.

'Khalapah' was ranked first in the opening round in the festival. The camel, owned by Hamoud al Wahaibi, finished the race distance in 6 minutes and 23 seconds. The second round honours was claimed by 'Muqam', owned by Ahmed al Deree. The third round was won by 'Moteeb' owned by Hamdan al Jahafi, 'Mashkoorah' owned by Amer al Selaimi claimed fourth round, the fifth round was snatched by 'Awayed' owned by Asaad al Jahafi, the sixth round was won by 'Mukalef' owned by Mohammed al Saeedi, the seventh round was claimed by 'Al kaydah', owned Ali al Hashmi, the eighth round was won by 'Altheab' owned by Salim al Gafali and the ninth round prize was taken by 'Gazer' owned by Saleh al Wahaibi.

'Hamlool' claimed the tenth round owned by Hamed al Amri, 'Noof' won the 11th round owned by Amer al Amri, 'Alderaa' ranked the 12th round owned by Ali al Malki, 'Zafranah' finished first in 13th round, owned by Hamoud al Wahibi, 'Shaheen' owned by Nasser al Harsosi won the 14th round.

The 15th round saw 'Abaad' taking the top spot, owned by Nasser al Wahibi, the 16th round was claimed by 'Muteeb' owned by Abdullah al Awasi, the 17th round was won by 'Alshahenyah' owned by Abdullah al Amri and the last round was claimed by 'Shaded' owned by Zaher al Wahibi.

Hamoud bin Tuwairish al Wahibi, the first winner in the festival and the owner of 'Khlaba', said: "We thank the God first and Oman government for the support in whole season, especially in the final festival. This achievement is just a beginning, we have targets in the car and icons rounds too."

"Our camels were ill during the last festival in Al Bashayer. But now they are fit and we hope to achieve the sword," he added.

In the afternoon session for the same category with cars and icons, 'Omsyah' was ranked first to take the first car and icon, owned by Mubarak al Jedealy. The second car was won by 'Qadam' owned by Abdullah al Jahafi, the third car was won by 'Ganayem' owned by Khalid al Rebaei, the fourth car was claimed by 'Takreem' owned by Dawood al Hedawi, the fifth car was grabbed by 'Fyadah', owned by Hamed al Wahaibi.

The sixth car was won by 'Esaaf' owned by Al Theeb al Gahafi, the seventh car was snatched by 'Ashwaq' owned by Ali al Wahibi, the eighth car was claimed by 'Mothehelah' owned by Gedayer al Wahibi and the last car was taken by 'Al Dhabi' owned by Ebrahim al Gefali.

On Monday, the competition continues in the 17th round for the 'Lagaya' category, which is 3 years old, for 5 km, with seventh cars and two icons, and cash prizes for the top ten.

In addition, there are two rounds for human riders (2km), with the winners getting an icon and a car.

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