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Have a stress-free examination

Invent your ways to make the non-interesting portions interesting and thus break the pattern of cramming boring parts

Out of the various fall-offs of the pandemic is the fear of offline exams amongst students. The examination fever existed but owing to the online mode of education during the pandemic it got curled up for a while.

The return of offline exams in the post-pandemic world has created a kind of havoc among the students who take the exam.

According to an article published in Research Gate, “The tendency to escape any hardship of life develops examination phobia among students. Excessive love of ease and comfort may develop in an individual the tendency to fight shy of the difficulties in life. Children should be given the opportunity to feel that life is not an easy sail. It is full of hardships.”

As life is returning to normal, students are visualising the real cutthroat competition that awaits them and this is turning into real stress for them.

The changing world with lightning speed is enough to put tremendous pressure on them to excel in the first step of their career hood; exams. The vast portions to cover, mugging them up, and hustling in the crowd just to get a smiling scorecard is sometimes testing their spirits setting them close to a victim of exam stress.

The same research also mentions that “a lot of highly test anxious students make a lot of effort than low test anxious students as a compensatory mechanism and a few tests anxious students have good study skills, some don’t”.

Prepare a proper strategy for how you need to get through the exams. Don’t imitate your friend as what study techniques worked for him might not suit you. You might be an evening person who loves studying till late and your friend may be a morning fellow who finds it easier to get things in his head then.

Invent your ways to make the non-interesting portions interesting and thus break the pattern of cramming boring parts.

Get your breaks to get mentally recharged and not drained studying for enormously stretched hours. Speak to your seniors and guardians; their experiences can help.

Don’t skip meals, get nutritious food as the mental activity is at its peak and your brain needs fuel to perform better. Last but not least, don’t be sleep deprived.

Catch a good sleep to calm your nerves, optimise your brain function, and kick off that exam phobia.

Don’t forget you have worked hard the entire year and it's time to give the last shot strategically and stress-free!

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