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Progress beyond the instant gratification loop

With the fast paced race of the instant world we are living in, with online gaming, social media and virtual reality (VR) highly influencing the youth of today; and with most things happening at the speed of a click, we cannot then be surprised by our desire for momentaneous manifestation or instant gratification.

Who doesn’t get frustrated when the connection is low?

By connection, I mean with the online world, not with the physical world. We want things quicker, easier, faster all the while disregarding the breadth of our feelings.

We are too eager to attain rapid results quickly, impatient to allow the necessary passage of time for developments to unfold and for us to go through the full set of emotions and deep desires time brings.

Studies have shown that at the end of 100 peoples’ lives who have been documented from their 40’s till 80’s, the things they are grateful for and happy about are the long-term relationships they cultivated, with like-minded spirits and also having delved deep into the understanding of their own person.

The main achievements they were thankful for and talked about with pride were reaped from the hard, arduous periods they invested in learning from mistakes and growing in spite of them.

Being aware of the loop we are stuck in and finding means to change it slowly and steadily, step by step with daily consistent actions can reap the rewards we are seeking.

How can it not?

Let’s take some time to think about the plants we wish to grow, the seedlings we can sow today and nurture daily so we can look back one year, five years and ten years from now contend that we chose to spend the right energy, time and effort on the foundational growth of our long-term dreams and goals.

In believing our vision projected into the future, we can learn to quieten the noise of the external world, unlearn the bad behaviours we have acquired over time and relearn a new way of building healthy and happy habits into our daily routines.

Always keep the goal in sight and work consistently towards strengthening those muscles of resilience, pushing yourself through your fear zone towards your growth zone. This practice comprises the epitome of true fulfilment.

The instant click is unfortunately short lived, for the serotonin levels in our brain need a constant spike in order to re-feel that pang of joy.

Ultimately, stable happy hormones are what we are on the steady quest for. Moving out of the instant gratification loop and focusing on long term objectives can only create a sustainable and successful outcome. The results you will reap will be the evidence of your regular daily actions.

When we spend the time and effort conserving our relationships, with self and with other living things, we grow into developing a much more meaningful connection with this wonderful life that surrounds us and breathes inside of us.

The writer is a Life Coach and NLP practitioner

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