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OEF to give three cars for Ibri Endurance Race winners

Oxy Endurance Race
Oxy Endurance Race

Muscat, Dec 20

The Oman Equestrian Federation, in cooperation with the Al Dhahirah Equestrian Committee of Ibri, will organise the Oxy Endurance Race for the second year in a row on Friday, under the auspices of Najeeb bin Ali al Rawas, Governor of Al Dhahirah Governorate.

The event will include 100 km as local race for the public with the participation of 61 horses, as well as two qualifying races for a distance of 40 km with the participation of five horses, and nine horses in an 80 km qualifying race and 30 horses will take part in traditional sports and tent pegging.

Valuable prizes will be allocated to the winners in the 100 km race, including three cars for the first three positions in the race, and cash prizes for the top ten.

Ahmed bin Saif al Abri, Secretary-General and Chairman of the Competitions Committee of the Oman Equestrian Federation, pointed out, “It is no secret to anyone that the success achieved last year in holding the Oxy Endurance Race in the Wilayat of Ibri is an event that deserves to continue.”

Ahmed bin Saif al Abri
Ahmed bin Saif al Abri

“The event will start at three o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday with the arrival of the horses. They will undergo a veterinary examination until five o’clock in the afternoon, and the race will start at 6 am on Friday. At 4 pm, the traditional horse sports event will begin with the participation of the local people of Al Dhahirah Governorate, in addition to the tent pegging activities,” he added.

The Oxy Endurance Race will be run for a distance of 100 km. The race includes four stages, starting at 6:30 in the morning and ending at 3:48 in the afternoon. The age of the horse must be 6 years and above, the heart rate of the horse is 64 beats/minute, the minimum speed of the horse is 14 km/h, and the weight of the rider should not exceed 65kg.

Oxy Endurance race for the first time allocated three cars as prizes for the top three, and cash prizes from the fourth to the tenth place, which are RO 1,800 for the fourth place, RO 1,000 for the fifth place, RO 700 for the sixth place, RO 600 for the seventh and RO 500 for the eighth, ninth and tenth places.

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