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Knowledge is power and action leads to transformation

Humans are highly dynamic and diverse creatures. Our moods and states of being are hugely influenced and dependent on so many varying factors, often many of which are out of our control.

Within the multitude of nationalities, differing ethnic backgrounds and contrasting standards of upbringing which are factors that sway the way we behave, there are nonetheless several common elements which we can say are widespread foundations to all cultures and people.

Among the universal language that we all share in common which are loving smiles, warm embraces or a helping hand, there are six needs that are unequivocally pervasive to all humans. They are certainty, variety, significance, connection, contribution and growth.

Awareness is the first step to change. However, transformation cannot happen without action. Knowledge is power, conversely, it’s what we do with the information that makes the difference.

Tony Robbins, one of the main pillars in the personal development world has stipulated that when humans receive their quota of the six human needs, our fulfilment magnifies. I also believe that in order to fill up the necessary cups of each need, there requires an even keel balance to ensure one doesn’t take precedence over the rest.

In order to feel in control which is a necessity for humans, the need of certainty is a prerequisite. We want to know that things will pan out the way we plan. We like knowing what to expect; being in the familiarity of the known is reassuring.

However, where there is too much certainty, often ensues complacency. Boredom can easily set in if things roll the same way each and everyday. Having a good amount of uncertainty is key to keeping things exciting. Not too much to cause overwhelm nor stress, just the right amount to add some flavour into the mix. New stimuli is crucial to adding excitement and hence it’s deemed necessary to inject variety to your daily routine so as to keep that pep in your step.

Significance is the third point of gaining fulfilment. When we know our importance, value and worth, this decidedly enhances our desire to give more, be more, accomplish and contribute more. Social creatures that we are, a sense of belonging is essential – with our families, friends, colleagues, communities and societies. When we possess servitude towards others focusing on supporting the less fortunate, our overall contentment exemplifies.

Through giving, we create connection. The union is a beautiful symbiotic relationship of something bigger than us, that eternal quest to discovering the meaning of life.

Within this whole realm supersedes the sixth human need of growth. Through learning and prospering naturally occurs an expansion of capacity, capability and understanding of others.

When we aspire to continually up-level the quotient distributed to these fundamental needs, our overall happiness becomes embellished with the wonderful benefits they undoubtedly yield. Through understanding your needs, you can implement positive behaviours that will allow you to achieve yours goals and create new patterns leading you to long lasting fulfilment and happiness.

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