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How difficult is it to start a manufacturing business?

Recently we talked about the main opportunities and challenges in opening a fully remote digital marketing agency. Today we go back to something more concrete, discussing the inception of a manufacturing business.

Whether you have got a better mousetrap, new organic face cream, or an eco-friendly bamboo range, this column will walk you through the basics on starting a production company. We put this guide together to help your new business be successful, whether you are wondering how to set up a home-based manufacturing company, or have already secured enough capital to begin purchasing production equipment.

The ideal scenario is to have a modern machine that can produce the product that you want to sell. Imagine how easy it would be if you could just insert raw materials and output a finished product. But manufacturing is more complex than that. A rightly so. If it was so easy to produce, you would face endless competition. That is why it is useful to have some sophisticated steps in you production that are hard to replicate. Especially manual labour that could add an artisan element to the production. Those are hard to replicate and could add significant value.

When it comes time to apply for financing for your business, or bring on any partners, you are going to want to present a business plan that answers all of the most pressing questions related to how to start a manufacturing company. To answer the questions with reliable answers, you will need to create a detailed business plan that makes a case for your new manufacturing company.

Once you narrow down your niche, start by deciding what types of marketing activities will make the biggest difference for your new company, then use your plan to create a list of skills that you will need to implement those. Ideally, you want to ensure that before starting a business, you are familiar with, and able to tap into, the resources that are available to support your production company’s endeavours.

The manufacturing sector is one industry that requires significant amounts of research prior to starting your business. Every successful manufacturing business must begin with a little bit of market research. Clearly, the manufacturing sector is not in great shape after the global pandemic disruption to supply chain... but there is still plenty that can be done to help you head off problems.

That said, the challenges inherent in the manufacturing sector makes it a promising sector for budding entrepreneurs: since starting a manufacturing company is challenging, and since the manufacturing sector is still highly sought after, you can minimise the competition that you might face, and ultimately earn plenty. Sometimes, the best manufacturing businesses to start with are offering products or services that already exist, as they will already have a market for it.

While the domestic economy looks promising as a low hanging fruit, it is quite important that you keep an open mind in exporting your products. Oman is a great country, but a relatively small market compared to countries with larger population. Seeking partnerships for sales and distribution in other geographies is a great strategy to ensure expansion.

Lastly, seek Government incentives for setting up your manufacturing business. The Sultanate of Oman offers many incentives designed for ambitious entrepreneurs.

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