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Why dismay on ageing gracefully

Ageing is not tantamount to staying sick all the time but it is more about the outlook toward life

Except for kids, no one wants to get older. For adults, the very thought of ageing in itself is scary and denied by many; the fear is enough to give goosebumps.

But why this apprehension and dismay? Agreed, ageing brings with itself certain limitations but the experience that you have accumulated from all walks of life is matchless.

It’s the postulation that has been prevalent and instilled since ages that stirs up this for worse and ages you before ageing.

Ageing lies more in our heads than our bodies. Some are of the perception that life is fun before you touch your 40s yet for others 50s is the time to wrap up.

Just because some false cosmetic trends mislead you to believe you are no longer prettier or healthier?

Setting this conviction to your mind that life comes in a particular age size and as you accept the haziness and monotony, you lose the essence of life and as the body follows the mind, you start to age irrespective of your biological age.

The fear of ageing sprouts through many elements.

Losing looks, acquiring some chronic disease such as cancer or heart problems, fear of death, unwelcoming or unloved feelings from the family or friends, psychological problems such as becoming a burden on other family members, or not having a secure retirement plan are some in the list why people fear ageing.

Nonetheless, ageing is not tantamount to staying sick all the time. It's more about the outlook toward life. Just because some ageing family member has been having a difficult time doesn’t imply that is meant to happen to everyone. If you look intricately, you’ll find people who are old but youthful, who are kindled enough to live life meaningfully.

Life is a continuously evolving process. Every phase has its beauty from childhood to old age; instead of comparing these phases, it's better to be present in the moment and live that phase to the fullest.

Don’t limit yourself in your pursuits because societal norms tell you that so and so endeavours are meant for said life phases. Whenever and whatever you feel like doing, go for it and let not your age be a hindrance.

When you walk down this notion of crippling yourself with age measurement; you won’t fear ageing anymore.

You unlock new horizons for yourself, embark on new journeys that you have dreamt all your life to be on, and keep pushing yourself to break your preset boundaries.

You celebrate your accomplishments, employ your valuable experiences gained and you find life is more meaningful than ever and ageing is not dreadful but graceful.

Dr Nisma Haris

The writer is a content creator and wellness advisor

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