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High competition at school athletics championship in Dhofar

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Muscat: The school athletics championships for boys and girls in Dhofar Governorate, organised by the General Directorate of Education in the Governorate of Dhofar represented by the School Sports Committee, concluded at the Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture. The championship included athletics competitions for 100m, 400m, 600m races, shot put, long jump, high jump, Balkan relay along with chess, badminton, table tennis and tri-basketball.الترجمة طويلة جدًا ولا يمكن حفظها.

In the boys 100m race, Mishaal bin Moneim Fael from Salalah Al Sharqiya School won the first place, Ali bin Saeed Bait Saeed from the Kaftat School came in second, and Saud bin Mohsen from the Sultan Qaboos School came in the third place.

In the 400m race, Hazza bin Khalifa from Salalah Al Sharqiya School came in first, the second place was Raed bin Saeed al Mashali from Raysut School and in third place was Hashem bin Salem al Rawahi from Salalah Al Sharqiya School.

In the 600m race, Abdullah bin Adel from Sultan Qaboos School snatched the top spot, Ahmed bin Juma al Hamdani from the Osama bin Zaid School came second and Raed bin Hassan Beit Saeed from the Raysut School finished third.

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In the shot put competition, Faisal al Balushi from Hittin School came on top, Muslim Ghawas from the Al Qantara School was second and Amer Rafeet from the Osama bin Zaid School claimed third.

In the long jump competition, Salem Beit Saeed from Raysut School won the first place, Mohammad Mustahil from Hittin School came in second, and Kyrlos Milad Fouad from Salalah Al Sharqiya School finished third. In high jump, Ali Al Jafali from Osama bin Zaid School came first. Ali Bait Saeed from Kaftat School took second place and Saeed Bait Saeed from Raysut School took third place.

In the relay race, the Salalah Al Sharqiya School team won the first place, the Raysut School team came in second, and the third place was won by the Osama Bin Zaid School team.

In the girls 100m race, Dima Salah from Al Raya School came in first place.

In the 200m race, Ritaj bint Saeed from Al Sayeda Maison bint Ahmed School came first. In the 400m race, Heba Tariq from Al Raya School won first place.

In girls long jump, Suhaila bint Salem bin Nassib from Jawharat Al Alam School came first.

In high jump, Tawaf bint Salem Al Shib from Umm Salim Al Ansari School came first.

The shot put competition was won by Fatima bint Masoud Jaaboub from July 23 School.

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