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Do we have to diet or go for healthy eating?

Healthy eating is about transforming food habits that can be adapted smoothly and not as a burden where all the nutritional body requirements are met

Even though many of us are struggling to lose weight yet cutting down on food is not a welcoming choice as the word ‘dieting’ has a certain element of negativity attached to it.

While so many diets keep on circulating on the Internet guaranteeing successful weight loss results; people are still sceptical that dieting may cause more harm than good which is true to a certain extent.

So, what you should be opting for your health goals?

Dieting means restring with certain foods for a certain period to lose weight. Moreover, what about the plethora of diets and their credibility that are circulating?

People are picking up tits and bits of dieting info randomly and implementing it assuming to bear fruitful results without any expert advice which is quite concerning.

Rather than going for fad diets or some fancy diets, sustainable and healthy eating habits should be incorporated as a part of our lifestyle.

The hardcore truth is that nobody can diet forever or you cannot restrict or deprive your body of certain nutrients just to get in the size you desperately want. Hence, healthy eating is about transforming food habits that can be adapted smoothly and not as a burden where all the nutritional body requirements are met.

What we don’t realise is that our food habits have become so distorted over the years that even returning to healthy eating seems so invincible let alone dieting.

Either our meal platters are flooding with excess and unhealthy carbs or we are not aware of the balanced portions to provide the right amount of nutrition needed.

According to research published in Nature, diets and restrained eating are often counterproductive and may even enhance the risk of long-term weight gain and eating disorders. A promising new perspective entails a shift from food as pure nourishment towards a more positive and well-being-centered perspective of human eating behaviour. In this context, a paradigm shift from “food as health” to “food as well-being” has been advocated.

In the world we live, food is an emotion. There are countless choices to pick and satiate our taste buds until the alarm is rung by some lifestyle disease such as diabetes, obesity, or any cardiac issue.

But by then, our eating behaviours have become so spoilt that healthy eating sounds more like torture. Some think they can never eat rice, while others start believing their life totally on tasteless soups and smoothies from now onwards.

Nevertheless, we never fully explore the option of healthy eating instead of depriving; where there are still innumerable and delectable options to savor.

How big the foodie you might be, as you imbibe in your behaviour the practice of healthy eating, you will begin relishing the lost energy and vitality back in your life and of course, weight loss goals are successfully met.

Dr Nisma Haris

The writer is a general physician and content creator

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