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Consistency is the key to success

We usually seek instantaneous satisfaction for our efforts and through that desire, fail to acknowledge that long term results take time

Learning a new skill is fantastic and much needed in order to grow. However, if you want to really succeed in the craft, mastering your competence is necessary.

The assured way to conquer your ability is to develop the habit of consistency in order to remain committed, on point and unfaltering to achieve the level of expertise required.

When you are disciplined in your approach and willing to make mistakes, you will naturally progress. The process of consistency is about adapting and evolving.

One needs to be consistent in ones’ consistency in order to reap the benefits. The concept is easy. However, the practice of it is not.

Distractions and temptations are rife which make us lose our focus, commitment and drive.

Impatience can set in as the road to success is long and most would rather avoid the journey, preferring instant gratifications which, as we know, unfortunately do not produce long term happiness.

We seek instantaneous satisfaction for our efforts and through that desire, we fail to acknowledge that long term results take time.

Often, when we don’t acquire them immediately, we stop taking action. However, consistency is about maintaining incremental progress over a period of time.

When we do something regularly and with grit, feedback will ensue. This response helps us pivot when and if required.

Here are 8 reasons why consistency is important:

1.Self-discipline. Patience, value and belief are three pillars to success and improvement. Having the fire in your belly with the foundation of self-drive and self-motivation will fuel your desire and success in self-discipline.

2.Self-control. Being in control of your emotions will teach you about commitment. During tough times, this will motivate you to channel your energy to keep going.

3.Momentum. Perseverance keeps you committed to your cause. It builds passion, and continuation in your consistency to overcome obstacles and challenges. The more you do, the more you do.

4.Personality building. Discipline and hard work are great values. Consistency in these values contributes to a person’s grit and success.

5.Accountability. Being consistent brings about a great degree of liability, reliability and responsibility - to yourself and others.

6.Sense of measurement. Through tirelessly testing, you are bound to come away with knowing what works and what doesn’t.

7.Builds trust. Integrity, owning up to your mistakes, rectifying them and making amends will denote people can rely on you in all situations.

8.Resiliency and overcoming challenges. You will face adversity with ardour not fear. Those who surmount setbacks are stronger people.

Consistency is about repeating the same actions, habits and rituals, over and over again. Gaining feedback from these acts and adjusting them accordingly will help you stay on track as you progress towards your goals.

The reliability, expectancy and habit building all encompass a consistent concoction to your long term mastery results.

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