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Outdoor activities for children to boost well-being

Playing outside gives your child the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures. Your child can play games, test their physical limits, express themselves and build their self-confidence. Outdoor play can also mean more mess — and more mess often means more fun!

Below are some tips for outdoor activities in the summer.

Field trips are one of the inexpensive options. Parents with their children can go to one of the natural areas in the country in which they live and learn about the names of trees and flowers, the components of nature and the animals etc.

Since the Sultanate of Oman has many agricultural areas, introducing children to everything related to agriculture and its importance in our lives and teaching them the components of tree and its related industries is an amazing idea.

Children love playing with water which is responsible of stimulating many of their senses (touch, sound, sight). Most children love to use their five senses to learn and develop, which includes the senses of touch, sight and sounds, which most water play has.

You can also visit museums such as the Oman Children’s Museum in Muscat, which aims to simplify science and technology and review the stages of its development and applications in various fields, in addition to presenting inventions and modern means, allowing the visitor to understand the vital role of science in human life (Inta account:child_mus).

Many libraries offer free activities for children or activities at nominal rates, search about them and take your children.

Art as well is not only a fun activity for children, but it can also be an important development tool!. “Marsam” is the first private art studio in Oman and it knows the incredible benefits of art for Kids that make them serious to open doors for them (Inst account :marsam__art).

“Art can help facilitate communication and bonding between children even if they don’t know each other or don’t share many common interests. Creating art in small group settings encourages cooperative behaviour in children, giving them opportunities to practice crucial social skills like sharing, and working together,” the administrator of Mursam said.

“Deciding what kind of art to make and what materials they will use are some of the first opportunities for young children to exercise autonomy and make decisions for themselves. By making their own independent choices to express what they are thinking/feeling children build confidence in themselves and their abilities, and become comfortable expressing their feelings,” he added.

Summer vacation for children does not means stopping learning, as knowledge does not have to be confined to a specific time and place, so the Engineering Village (which is an Omani project), provides a space for skill development, innovation and creative problem solving through the provision of the education, equipment, environment and experience in a simplified manner that helps spread the culture of innovation and scientific exploration through experimenting and practice. (Insta account: ev_centers).

Volunteer work is one of the best ideas that young people can engage in, as it helps them to develop human feelings, cooperation and love of good for all. Adults, for example, can organise a neighbourhood cleaning campaign in which young children participate. Taking the child to visiting charitable organisations and learn about the importance of charitable work is a great idea too.

Summer education centres in the Neighbourhoods is one of the most prominent forms of spending the summer period in Oman and are spread all over the Sultanate of Oman. Educated women volunteer to teach children a lot of skills and knowledge in various fields such as religion, language, arts, life skills, etc. Children gather in a public hall (locally called Sablah) in an atmosphere always full of fun.

Organising evenings and competitions for children at the neighbourhood level is a delightful idea for children. Mothers can participate in preparing snacks and drinks to reduce the financial costs of the gathering and also make it more beautiful.

Involving children in sports club activities is also a great option, as these clubs provide children with an environment that guarantees them fun, energy discharge and making new friends.

New sports can strengthen the muscles, develop the brain comprehension. There are many options in Oman such as Karate, Taekwondo, swimming like Dolphin Swim Centre (Insta account:dsc_muscat) which is Omani project and the first swimming centre in Oman that was established in 2012.

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