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Mangrove Adventure Inspired By Nature

Learning is always a good thing, and now is the best time to learn new skills. Summer is here, most people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands, and what better way to spend it than by learning and adventuring?

Mangrove adventure(insta is an outdoor obstacle course experience in Oman that you can spend with family or friends.

The obstacle course is a great opportunity for children to develop sensory processing skills especially in their summer holidays.

Helping children stay physically active is important to promoting healthy habits that last a lifetime. When you can make the physical activity fun, kids are more likely to participate. That's where Mangrove Adventure outdoor obstacle courses targets.

"Fine skill development is necessary during childhood development, therefore, we designed an obstacle course that helps small age children learn how to hold or grip small objects and helps the rest of the ages to walk, run, jump, and climb. Outdoor obstacle courses are the perfect environment for children to learn and enhance these vital skills that will benefit them for a lifetime," Engineer Fahmi Al Rawahi said, co-founder of Mangrove adventure.

Mangrove adventure obstacle course is set to have different levels to cover all ages. He shared that if you are a group of colleagues or friends, or a family member, or a parent, Mangrove adventure is the right place to join in.

When people encounter obstacles in Mangrove Adventure Outdoor obstacle courses or challenge courses, as he shared, "They develop and enhance strength and balance. It is also a great way for them to get a full-body workout. It makes them stronger and enhances their sense of balance at a young age."

He added that the strength and balance skills that are developed on this obstacle course will effectively transfer to other sports like football or gymnastics.

"Outdoor obstacle courses help people in solving problems as they learn how to maneuver up, jump, or go through obstacles. They also learn how to adjust to changing conditions and memorize the fastest way to progress through the course. These skills will help them throughout their life," he mentioned.

Mangrove Adventure provides a lot of opportunities to develop complex bilateral coordination that help to improve overall health and fitness and helps Adults for years to come.

"Our adventurers experience linear (up and down), sagittal (side to side), and rotary (spinning) inputs as they run through the obstacle course. Learning these senses and how to adjust to them helps them develop motor skills, coordination, and adaptation," he noted.

For Adult groups, as he added, "We designed a complex coordination movement obstacle course that involves moving separate body parts at the same time to complete a task. Think about the many muscle groups and body parts required to climb over a wall or weave through an agility obstacle."

Since the safety is a concern for many people, he confirmed that Mangrove brought the best selection of safety equipment and the best level of adventure to our customers.

Mangrove Adventure, as he assured, has invested in the most powerful technology for safety equipment and combined the new SMART system with carabiners and pulleys offering a new level of security.

He added that if one carabiner is open, the new "smart" carabiner system makes it impossible to unlock the other carabiner until the two are re-attached to the safety rope and locked. So, you will be always 100% connected to the safety line.

There are so many benefits of obstacle courses in early childhood, the teenage years, and beyond. From enhancing muscle strength and motor skills to improving memory and decision-making, courses like Mangrove Adventure Sumer Challenge can make a positive and lasting impact on people of all ages.

"Every season we conduct an obstacle challenge, we involve schools, and other youth organizations to enhance childhood development which will help children avoid future obstacles to good health," he said.

The Tree Top Adventure concept was created in France at the end of the 1990s by a mountaineering expert. There are now over 650 such parks in France. The building of Tree Top Adventure in the parks increased dramatically in Europe after 2005 and has now spread worldwide.

Eng. Fahmi said, "It all started years ago when we were outside the country searching for thrilling activities and we found a great international team who then became our guides on this trip."

"Combining their and the knowledge of our Omani team of engineers and safety instructors’ experiences we came out with Mangrove adventure," he added

Mangrove Adventure started in 2018 with the vision of having fun but in an adventurous way. "We are the first zipline adventure park in Oman. We also have experienced coaches working together to enhance health and body strength," he said.

"With great roles come great responsibilities and we in Mangrove adventure take this responsibility as a serious matter as we intend to work with our partners Muscat Municipality to develop the open areas and increase the movements in our beautiful parks by adding attractive activities for children, families, and visitors to enjoy and contact nature," he noted.

With Muscat Municipality, as he added, "We hope to add a huge number of obstacles and ziplines to enhance the benefits of this kind of amazing outdoor activity."

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