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The true essence of Ramadhan


The writer is a content creator, health and wellness advisor

Is just abstaining from food and drinks what Ramadhan is all about? It is more about abstaining from our unhealthy habits and disciplining our mind, body and soul.

Ramadhan presents a sample lifestyle that can be effectively incorporated into our lives. Prolonged hours of fasting followed by long Taraweeh prayers in the night, gives an inference how despite being immersed in busy schedules one can strike a balance between maintaining a healthy and spiritually balanced lifestyle.

How the 24 hours of the day can be meticulously planned with wise distribution towards meals, sleep, work schedules, and spirituality; is the core of Ramadhan.

With the passing generations, we are losing the very crucial trait of being early to bed; early to rise. Specifically, our upcoming generations are more night persons; credit goes to our distorted schedules. Don’t fall into the trap of staying up the entire night until Suhoor (pre fasting meal) and then dozing off until noon. Albeit our bodies are accustomed to functioning at their best when we are awake early. Waking up early for suhoor and prayers is a way healthier start to your day; both for the mind and the body.

Talking about the food habits during Ramadhan, it is not about cooking the entire day and eventually indulging in lavish iftars. Nothing can be as detrimental as loading your body with a belly full of rich and heavy iftar dishes after a day of fasting.

Spending the entire night partying and binging on food items will do more harm than good. A huge chunk of the world’s population is starving; when we experience the pain of hunger and bodily weakness, it becomes easier to comprehend the plight of the destitute and the unfortunate. Henceforth, charity is highly recommended during the month of Ramadhan.

Besides, Ramadhan teaches patience over anger, compassion over hate, gratitude over complaining, humility over pride, and generosity over miserliness. When one gets to imbibe and practice these virtues during the weakest state of their bodies (not eating), there is not a speck of doubt that it will be far easier to implement and carry forward this principal message of Ramadhan in our everyday lives. We live in a world surrounded by complexities in relations, unhappy relationships, or unfulfilled expectations but when we master an attitude of endurance, empathy and letting forgo, a significant share of our issues will be sorted.

Giving a quick rundown, Ramadhan is a reset and robust reminder that we carry a responsibility towards ourselves as well as towards fellow humans. When you attain a state of balance for yourself, you’re better equipped to do bigger and better things and create healthier and peaceful societies around you.

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