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'Ambassadors sport' program launched to promote physical activity


MUSCAT: The activities and workshops training program to promote physical activity "Ambassadors Sports ", was organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth represented by the Department of Physical Activity, during the period March 13-14 at Al-Amal Sports Club on Sunday.

The launch of this program came in order to raise awareness among society recognizes the importance of physical activity, and its significant positive impact on the health of the individual in the long run and to achieve several goals including the adoption of the concerned authorities in the various areas in Oman.

The program will deal with the culture of physical activity and its concepts and marketing among members of the community and the strengthening of knowledge and skills development about the concepts of the program to promote physical activity and how each sector contributes in increasing the number of practitioners of physical activity.

In the Omani society, enabling the target group for training to know the identification of components that must be worked on and planning for their implementation in accordance with the multi-sectoral national plan to promote physical activity, and the training program will conclude today at 1:30.

The program targets three candidates from all over Oman working in related sectors such as the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Youth and the Ministry of Health, as it has become necessary to train and qualify a number of candidates in each part of Oman to deliver the correct information, guide and motivate members of society in order to raise Awareness, which contributes to increasing the practitioners of physical activity in the Oman.

The list of participants in the program includes: Talal Al-Mutairi, Abdullah Al-Hajri, Sultan Al-Harassi, Fahd Al-Yaqoubi, Manar Al-Maamari, Mahmoud Al-Majrafi, Fayez Al-Haramashdi, Mutasim Al-Wahaibi, Mazen Al-Amri, Ali Al-Khanbashi, Aida Al-Muslimi, Abdullah Al-Kindi, Issa Al-Awfi and Marwan Al-Yaqoubi Lubaneh Al-Amriya, Abdullah Al-Rashidi, Omar Al-Yaqoubi, Hisham Al-Alawi, Hamad Al-Jufaili, Khawla Al-Shabiba, Aida Al-Rahbiah, Ahlam Al-Hinai and Ahlam Al-Khamisiya.

The first day of the training program included a workshop on physical activity, including its definition, concepts and recommendations.

The workshop was presented by Dr Amal Al-Siyabiya, Head of the Community and Sector Partnership Department in the Department of Community Initiatives at the Ministry of Health.

The workshop focused on presenting facts from the World Health Organization about physical activity and the most important diseases associated with the absence of physical activity.

Practicing physical activity, as cardiovascular diseases are behind most deaths from noncommunicable diseases, as they cause 17.5 million deaths annually, followed by cancers, 8.2 million deaths, then respiratory diseases 4 million deaths, and diabetes 1.4 million deaths.

The workshop also included the most important skills that the participants in the program will be able to deliver the correct information to members of the community.

After the program, it is expected that the participants will be able to practice the skills of communicating concepts and effective training in the program to promote physical activity and to act as ambassadors of sport for all in the governorates to which they belong, where their job is to deliver and deliver workshops and lectures.

Educational awareness about physical activity and how to promote it in society in order to improve and raise the level of awareness and create a general awareness of the importance of physical activity, as there will be a technical committee that will follow up on the outcomes of the training program.

The second workshop included recreational sports, its importance, objectives, how to do it, recitation skills, dialogue management, and how to speak fluently in front of the public. A special team consisting of experts, academics and consultants trained participants in all these fields. The second day of the program will include workshops on office exercises and physical therapy, first aid and nutrition.

It is worth noting that among the most prominent work of the Physical Activity Promotion Team is the launch of the multi-sectoral national plan to promote physical activity and the launch of the media and marketing campaign at the beginning of 2017 under the slogan "Health begins with a step".

As well as dedicating the second of October to the celebration of the Omani Day of Physical Activity, which aims to inform members of society of the importance of physical activity contributes to increasing the number of its practitioners in the Sultanate of Oman.

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