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Tuning into abundance to call in wealth

Tuning into abundance is not creating wealth but noticing that it already exists for you in so many forms. The more you are able to see, experience, and be grateful for abundance, the more of it you call into your life in all forms.

This moment, Your life right now is ABUNDANT.

Tuning into abundance is all about a sense of presence. We live a lot of our lives in our heads either worried about the future or overwhelmed by the past. Learning to tune in to abundance starts with learning to be present. If you are working towards being more present in your life try this,

Let your breath slow down,

Let your heart feel full,

Let the present moment be enough.

Yes, life is hard.

Yes, we have regrets sometimes.

Yes, we all have dreams and aspirations for the future.

If we spend all our time in the future or the past we never get to experience the present. We enter this cycle of worry and anxiety and never allow ourselves to simply exist.

ABUNDANCE is all around you. It is you. It moves through you. It always has.

You might want to create more money and income for yourself. This is not a goal to be ashamed of. Money is one form of abundance. Money allows us to afford a lot of experiences. Money can offer us a lot of opportunities.

Abundance is all about overflow, love, receiving, magnetism, peace, and joy.

Now, when you think about money do you feel any of the above?

I’m asking you this because often we are calling in wealth from a place of lack, not abundance. We say we want wealth but we act and conduct ourselves in a way that is anything but abundant. If you are ready to start looking at wealth as a form of abundance you need to start by realising that abundance is more than wealth or money.

If you are ready to tune into abundance here are some things you can try,

1. Take a deep breath in and feel it all the way to the core of your body.

2. Think about somebody who shows you love through their actions.

3. Think of somebody you love.

4. Stop whatever you are doing and look out the nearest window. Take in your surroundings.

Notice how you feel in your body. Notice how your breath changes when you tune into abundance. A shallow breath or tightness in your body are signs of fear. It is a sign that you don’t quite feel safe, or you are scared to desire and to trust that desire. It is a sign that you are scared to receive. If we are scared to receive, how can we call in more money?

When you tune into the abundance you are surrounded by you let your breath slow down and you enter a space where you can receive. You enter a space where you are open. The more you learn to feel this openness and space in your body, the more abundance you choose to call in.

[Vanessa Seymour is a breakthrough Mindset and Embodiment Coach who works with female entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour]

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