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Follow these steps to face hard life head on

When there is a sudden burst of activity or changes happening in our lives, we feel overwhelmed whether it is sadness, happiness. Being overwhelmed is not an emotion we only feel when life is tough. We feel overwhelmed throughout our lives. It comes in waves. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. It’s a very human experience

Life can sometimes feel too much. It can feel too big. Too frantic. When this happens it can be hard to focus. It can be hard to be present. Sometimes it might even feel like it’s hard to breathe. Learning how to ground yourself is important because you make better decisions when you are grounded. When you are grounded you feel more at ease. When you are grounded you feel more connected to the present moment.

Connecting to the present moment is important because it moves us from our heads into our bodies. When we are in our head we are worrying about the past and the future. We are consumed by thoughts of “What if” or “If only”. The more we stay in our heads the more we start to spiral into a state of worry and unease. That can keep building upon itself until our bodies start to feel sick. Body responds to mind. If mind is always negative, that will reflect in body.

These tips are simple little practices to help contain your energy so that you can focus on what matters.

• Rub your palm together and place them over your eyes

• Sip a warm cup of water or herbal tea

• Press the soles of your bare feet into the earth

• Close your eyes and take some deep breath out in nature

• Practice some slow and gentle stretches

These practices will bring you to the present moment so that we can breathe easier. We can make decisions with clarity. Enjoy and celebrate life with a sense of presence. We can deal with the hard parts of life head on instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Remember your energy, your feeling, your mindset is all up to you. No one or no thing can force you to feel certain. No one or no thing can control your energy unless you let it. When you feel that your energy level is going haywire, all you really need to do is connect to yourself and your surroundings. Ground yourself into the present because that is where your life is taking place.

Vanessa Seymour is a breakthrough Mindset and Embodiment Coach who works with female entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour

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