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Let us do our bit to lessen the burden

When we talk of chronic ailments, it’s not just the disease but the disruption it creates with leading a normal life that is the issue.

Let us begin with brief comprehension of chronic ailments. Typically, they are diseases that last for more than a year or are life-long and are non-communicable.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Cancer, Obesity and some respiratory diseases are common examples of chronic ailments.

How do they affect the life of one who is going through them?

Struggling with daily life activities is quite inevitable for those who are battling chronic ailments that become enormously challenging at times. A diabetic has to follow recommended food portions for meals timely along with a daily dose of oral anti-diabetic pills or insulin injections or maybe both for some.

Moreover, they cannot indulge in their favourite food delicacies freely even at parties or vacations.

Correspondingly, for an arthritis patient lifting the lightweight objects, gripping and holding items and even getting dressed is like an everyday ordeal.

Furthermore, extreme fatigue and weakness, fear of death, financial constraints of treatments are the unsaid misery of cancer patients.

Over time, they withdraw themselves from society as the disease becomes a hindrance in gelling up with people and they find it difficult to fit in, eventually losing a sense of belonging.

Depression, generalised anxiety disorders, as well as other mental health issues, are the obvious outcomes to gush forth when someone lives a heavily compromised life to a chronic ailment.

How does it affect others around?

It’s a tough grind for the spouses, the rest of the family members and friends. At times, they are unable to apprehend the plight of their chronically ill member while sometimes they have to bear with their angst, irritability and emotional turmoil.

How can we lessen the burden?

If you are someone going through a chronic ailment, we can begin by putting acceptance into practice. We need not be overwhelmed by the disease.

Avoid constantly thinking of the disease instead begin working around the life alterations that can be made to alleviate the pain or discomfort. Speak to your family and friends when you require their assistance and not just try to do it all on your own.

Split your work into batches as per your energy status and don’t be reluctant to speak of your limitations to people when needed; be it personal or professional.

Stay in touch with people through group counselling sessions who have the same issues so that you can navigate ways on your own to make things even out of the odds.

When we have a family member or spouse going through a chronic ailment, we need to listen to their agony. Sometimes they need not a solution to their issues but someone to address and acknowledge.

They need regular encouragement to participate in the life activities they used to do prior ailment keeping in mind the guidelines to be followed as per their condition.

We cannot take away their pain but all we can do is lessen the burden and can definitely build an environment where they don’t feel being overlooked or pitied.

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