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The do's and dont's of manifesting

If you are convinced that you need to physically manifest your dream life before you can start ‘acting’ and ‘showing up’ as the version of you that you would be in your dream life...You’ve got it all wrong.

Stop believing that you have to wait to start living the life you desire. Living the life you desire starts with YOU... it starts with you showing up. Manifestation works when you work with it. If you are working on manifesting your dream life and wondering why it isn’t working... ask yourself how you are showing up?

To manifest your dreams into your reality you need to be willing to show up, make decisions, and take chances. Sitting back and waiting for things to fall into your lap is a lengthy and often disappointing process.

Here is an embodiment trick for you to practice... Note though: the more consistently you practice this the more potent it becomes!

When you find yourself at a crossroads where you need to make a decision, big or small, close your eyes, inhale and exhale...

And ask yourself if you had everything you desired in life... all the abundance, love, confidence, material and metaphysical matter that you desire in your life... what decision would you make? Decide based on who you want to be because YOU ALREADY ARE THAT PERSON.

This is a lesson that has taken me so long to understand, claim, and embody. Once you let it in though, once you face the fears holding you back, I promise you there is magic, possibility, and endless amount of life on the other side of this.

Manifestation is not just about what you believe is possible but about how you use that belief to live. The physical act of bringing a desire into your reality requires you to show up ready to receive it.

Another part of manifestation is to learn not to give up. The reason why a lot of us don’t end of living our dream lives is that we give up to soon. The universe is co-creating with you. It’s your duty to do your part, set the groundwork, and keep showing up. The second you stop showing up there is no way for the universe to show up for you either. Allowing yourself to show up means your desire has to outweigh your fear. It’s scary to keep showing up for ourselves and our dreams but you do it because your desire is powerful and passion-filled. When you truly desire something the energy is automatically uplifting. It’s your responsibility to keep feeding that energy. Keep focusing on it. Keep remembering why you are here and what you are working towards and let it grow.

Manifestation is a process of co-creation. Don’t stop doing your part with the hope that the universe will magically make life happen for you. You are the magic in your life. You are the key to your future. You already have and are everything you need. All you have to do is show up!

Vanessa Seymour is a Mindset and Embodiment Coach who works with women entrepreneurs and soul-seekers on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business growth. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour

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