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5 ways you can invest in yourself

When we think about investing we often think about finances, property, or material things. As we begin this new year remember that time is one of the greatest resources and something we can always invest in ourselves.

While you are planning out your investments for the year remember to also prioritise investing in your mental, physical, and spiritual health. You matter, and investing in yourself matters. We often think of investments as costly because whether it’s time or finances, when you invest you are choosing how you use your resources. Use this year to choose yourself. This has been said by so many people, and that’s because it is very true, but will always be your biggest investment.

Here are five ways you can INVEST in yourself:

1 Invest in your dreams.

Start setting time and energy aside to go after your dreams. If your dream is to start your own business, begin this year. When you invest in your dreams, you invest in yourself.

2 Invest yourself in the relationships that are

important to you.

We need strong relationships in our lives. These relationships lead to more fruitful lives. Invest yourself in the relationships that are truly important to you. Remember, that it’s also okay to let go of the relationships that aren’t serving your highest good. When you prioritise what matters you are able to give your best to yourself and to others.

3Invest in experiences

This way of investing can be costly but it can also be free. Your finances do not have to limit you. Do things just for you and sometimes simply because you want to. Whether it’s a holiday across the globe or a lazy Sunday morning walk, spend time experiencing all that this world has to offer.

4 Invest in the present moment

We spend so much time planning for the future or for ‘ideal’ life that will one day live that we forget about the present. It’s important to save, and plan, and have things in place for the future. Also, remember that your present moment matters. We cannot sacrifice everything for a future we may or may not have. What we have for certain, is right now. Invest in your present.

5 Invest in your growth

Whether it’s reading, education, or support, it is important to be doing things that challenge you and keep you growing. Growth is an important part of our lives. We will always have things that seem more important than our personal growth, so the only way to keep growing is to simply prioritise it. Stop making excuses and just decide that your growth is important to you and invest in it always.

This year, invest in yourself because you are worthy of it. You deserve what you share with others. So whether it’s time or money, invest it in yourself. Whenever you have a choice, choose yourself. We are done believing we aren’t worthy or deserving. We are done putting things off for the future. We are done making excuses. You are worthy of everything you desire and more and it all begins with you investing in yourself.

Vanessa Seymour is an Embodiment and Mindset Coach who works with women entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business growth. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour

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