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Healthy habits for 2022


As we approach the end of the year, we spend a lot of time thinking and planning how we want to do better in the new year. We focus on our habits. We talk about how we want to eat healthier, lose weight, workout more, and go to sleep earlier. While this is all great, it’s important to remember that healthy habits go beyond all of this.

Healthy habits are more than just what you eat, when you go to bed, when you wake up, and how much you workout in a day. Your thoughts matter, your breath matters, how you deal with uncomfortable feelings matters, how you choose to look at everyday experiences matter.

As you start to put together goals, intentions, and plans for the new year, remember to focus on your mindset as well. Your mindset is what sets you up for everything else in life. You have to believe in yourself, believe that you can do the things that you want to do, believe that you can actually have everything you desire. You also need to know that this takes a conscious effort. Just like you workout to feel strong in your body, you need to set time aside to work on your mindset.

Mindset work is more subtle. We work on our mind in silence, through introspection, through conversations, through conscious intent. If you are determined to grow your mindset then prioritise time, energy, and resources to do so. This work matters. Building habits where you prioritise the health of your mind matters. For instance, spend time in silence or meditating, read good books, spend time in nature or start journaling.

There are also countless other things you can do to work on your mind. Here is what you need to remember, mindset work will be uncomfortable sometimes. You are going to feel like you are stretching into parts yourself that you don’t really want to go into. When this happens, the other side of the discomfort is usually mind blowingly beautiful. This discomfort must be moved through first in order to get through to the other side.

Let’s say you want to start a business in the new year, there are a lot of strategic things you have to get into place in order for that to happen. What people often forget about is the mindset work. Starting a business can be scary. You need to work through that fear. You need to believe your business can be successful before it can actually happen. This work includes digging into the fear, trying to figure out why it’s there, what it’s protecting you from and in what ways it’s limiting you. You need to be willing to do this work, ask the questions, feel the uncomfortable feelings.

So, as you start to get ready for 2022, remember your mindset matters. This could be the year you get everything you’ve ever desired. That is a real possibility if you believe it is possible.

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