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Start journaling to prepare your body, mind for the new year

The end of the year can be an exciting and overwhelming time. It’s also a wonderful time to reflect, to rest, to reset, to prepare, and to make plans. These journaling practices will help you do all of that. The reason these practices are journaling prompt is because it requires you to spend some time on your own going inwards.

Life is busy, this time of year is busy, so finding time to check in with yourself can be hard but is also so important. If you are someone with big ambitions remember, the work you do is important but the time you spend taking care of your body and mind are just as important.

These journaling prompts are going to help you end 2021 and start 2022 with intention, gratitude, and direction.

1.Write a detailed description of the kind of person you want to be in 2022. Describe the work you want to be doing, the clothes you will wear, how you want to feel, who you want to be surrounded by, how you want to spend your time, what you are going to accomplish.

When you journal on this, write it down assuming it is already yours. Don’t limit yourself, don’t worry about whether or not it’s possible or what other people might think. Write for yourself and write from your heart.

2. Make a list of everything you are grateful for this past year.

This list can be as long or as short as you would like. Remember gratitude does not only have to be felt for the big things. Sometimes it's the small things, the conversations, the walks, the simple moments that we will remember most. Let this list be a combination of all the big and small moments that you have experienced this year.

3. Describe your dream job and then list all the reasons why you are the right person for the job.

This is an important exercise because we often underestimate ourselves or make excuses as to why we aren’t ready to live our dream lives. The truth is we will always find excuses. If you are dreaming about something, it is time for you to start believing that it can be yours. When you do this practice you will find you are more qualified than you give yourself credit for. The time to believe and take action is now!

4. Look back at this past year and journal about all the things that happened that you couldn't understand in the moment but now you see why they needed to happen or they have helped direct you towards what was meant for you.

This is a reflective practice to remind ourselves that the universe is working in our favor. The more you notice when this has happened in the past, the more you will notice it in the future.

5. Journal about the things you want to focus on in 2022.

This does not have to be detailed, it just needs to be a blueprint. What you get to do, is come back to it whenever you need direction, motivation, or inspiration. A year is a long time and there are going to be some lows and some highs. Things might also shift and move in directions you cannot imagine as yet. This practice will help you remember what is important to you through it all.

These practices are meant to help you reflect on 2021 and prepare for 2022. Remember, life is working in your favor. Even though things might now always make sense in the moment, one day they will. So, while you create your plans and make your lists all be open to the unknown. Be receptive to surprises and miracles and ready to pivot when needed.It’s all working out to take you where you are meant to be. You’ve just got to believe that completely in order for it to be your reality.

The author is an Embodiment and Mindset Coach who works with women entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business growth. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour]

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