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Three ways to train your mind to get what you desire

Your reality is created by your mind. You decide what you can and cannot have. You decide what you are worthy of and what you are not worthy of. You want to make your dreams your reality? Let’s train your mind to believe that you can actually have and be all that you desire. So often we feel like we’ve done everything right, we’ve done all the work we need to do, we’ve got all our pieces in place and life still doesn’t feel like it’s working out in our favor.

You start asking why things aren’t happening for you. You wonder what more you need to do. This is when you need to ask yourself where your mind is willing to go and what it is willing to believe? You see, You’ve got to believe that you can do, be, and receive all that it is you desire. If you don’t then consciously or subconsciously you will keep standing in your own way. We as humans are always trying to prove ourselves right. So, if your mind does not actually believe you can receive or are worthy of what you desire you will keep finding proof of that. Training your mind is all about creating that foundation of belief.

It’s about letting go of the lack of mindset, letting go of the negative and sabotaging beliefs that are keeping you in place. Even though we recognise a thought or thought pattern as negative we still tend to grab on to them. This is what keeps us stuck. So if you are feeling restless or unhappy with where you are in life, sometimes it's not about the physical work you are doing to get out of there but more about if your mind believes you can actually change your situation. Training your mind requires courage, discipline, curiosity, and grace. It’s practice you have to keep coming back to and building on. Here are 5 Ways you can train your mind:

1. Every time a negative thought or question comes up, try to reframe it. For example, instead of asking if what you want will ever happen for you, try focusing on asking how you want to feel when it does happen. By doing this you’ve started to accept the inevitability of it happening and are choosing to prepare for it. So often when we push and force things to happen for us we don’t end up actually enjoying receiving it. By staying focused on how you want to feel you start to invite that feeling in. This way when you actually get to where you want to go or receive what you desire you feel good, grateful, fulfilled.

2. Spend time being curious about your desires without judging them. For example, if you want to be making more money, allow that desire to surface without any judgement. If you are judging yourself for wanting more money then you will, whether you realise it or not,keep standing in your own way. In order for something to flow you have to neutralise it.

3. List all the reasons why you are the right person to receive what it is you desire. We undervalue our own knowledge and experiences so often. This is an exercise that will help you develop a sense of confidence. Confidence is a skill we develop through practice. You don’t just magically become confident. You practice showing up as a confident person, and your confidence will grow.

Let me leave you with this last note, you can only go where you mind is willing to go. All this means is start believing in yourself. Your dreams and desires are yours for a reason.If you want to make them your reality is up to you to let your mind take you there.

The author is a Business Coach who works with women entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business growth. Contact details:,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour]

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