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Why we sit on great Ideas and how to change that?

You have an idea to do something but then come with an excuse as to why the present is not the ‘right time’ for that idea. We all do this. It’s important to talk about because our ideas are sacred. They come to us for a reason. The more we get into a loop of making excuses not to take the more stuck we get. How often do you complain that life is not moving at the speed that you would like? When a client reaches out to me with that problem my first question is always, what are you doing to spark momentum in your life?

Having an idea, a dream, a desire is great! However, the action that follows is very important because that action is what can make your dreams your reality.

Reason #1Why we sit on Really great Ideas

We want to wait for the right time because we believe this idea is too valuable not to wait for perfect timing.

The underlying fear behind the above reason is that you are afraid you won’t have more great ideas in the future, which is why this idea needs to be ‘saved’

Reason #2Why we sit on Really great Ideas

We are using the idea of waiting for the perfect timing as an excuse to cover up fear or maybe avoid the work that would be required of us.

The underlying fear behind hard work or limiting beliefs is a fear of resources, time, and energy. You are afraid you won’t have enough to give or afraid of failure so you don’t do anything at all.

Here is something to remember, you can be waiting for the right time forever. The ‘right’ time becomes RIGHT when you take action. The circumstances could be perfect, but if you don’t believe you can do it then the timing will always feel off. The main thing to notice about both the above points is that they are an example of a lack of mindset.

A lack of mindset is when you are living in a world where you are constantly telling yourself there isn’t enough of whatever it is you want, need, or desire. Both the reasons above are examples of holding fear : the fear of having not enough good ideas, not having enough time, not having enough energy, not having enough motivation, etc.

The way to move out of lack is to start noticing and reaffirming the possible abundance.

An example would be, What if by taking action on your current idea, that leads to more inspiration and more creation?

What if you saw your idea through and things worked out even greater than you could have ever imagined? How would you feel then?

Do you see how by asking those questions we move from lack to abundance. We now hold the belief that there is enough.

If you have a great idea, something you want to create or build, you owe it to yourself to see it through. I would encourage you to see it through from a place of abundance, openness, and possibility.

The author is a Business Coach who works with women entrepreneurs on making their dreams their reality through personal development and business growth.,; Instagram: @vanessa.seymour

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