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Tasting a self-prescribed medication!

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Winning an opportunity to be a manager is a milestone, marking a big shift in the career path of oneself. One might work towards becoming a manager for a long time, expecting the chance to share expertise and spend time on higher profile responsibilities.

“If I were a manager”, a wish that is being dreamed of by many people indeed. This could be sometimes attributed to people’s irritation of their own bosses at their work place.

Many employees criticise their work place, which is supposed to be a second home, where they spend most of their daytime. Perhaps, their bosses are the reason behind them being disappointed about the work environment! The unpleasant attitude of the boss, for instance, is what drives employees crazy most of the time. It is true that not many people have the honour and pride to be called a boss! However, being a boss does not grant one the right to ill-behave or humiliate others.

As the boss has the title and the leader has the people, managers should always remember that with authority comes responsibility. Nevertheless, this fact is being ignored by most managers unfortunately. Probably, being superior to others is what pleases managers and inflame their feelings of pride and self-arrogance too.

However, they are bearing no attention to the consequences and challenges behind the responsibility of being a boss. To most, it is just a matter of getting the position and the package of the post.

As they come to the position, they start pretending to be a noble man of a mission who talks nothing, but business and chasing their own dreams and satisfying self-interests! How would such bosses be good leaders?! Will they be able to lead their teams who need more guidance, advice and proper management? Possibly, they mislead their teams instead; an unprofessional bosses for sure. They will break and demotivate their teams. In contrast, employees will be the role model for their bosses who cannot even lead themselves.

On the other hand, the situation is so difficult for both, the boss and employees, especially when not all are in good term and roles are misplaced. Becoming a manager, whether being responsible for one person or a team, is a big challenge. You could be envied of such a position, while sometimes you get to face management obstacles with colleagues.

Your attitude and style of managing your team is what matters and identifies your personality with others. For the employees, it is challenging and frustrating to deal with an unprofessional boss too.

Moreover, there are other issues that are irritating employees every single day at a work place. Not necessarily that those issues are related to their bosses, but could be others regarding the work load, stressed environment, ill management and attitude. Such matters shall be accorded high attention be top management of an organisation. Otherwise, employees will lose interest and be reluctantly forced to come to work. Hence, it will definitely affect their daily performance and overall productivity.

Pleasing all people is an impossible mission, so do not even try to think about it. However, not having a healthy work environment and a good leader is very difficult and unfair to employees and employers. Being in a stress-free work place will highly have a positive impact on employees and accordingly will be reflected in their performance. Sometimes, it is just a matter of maintaining the chemistry and friendly relations of trust between employees themselves and with the management too.

Dear bosses, just remember that a boss values nothing without his colleagues who does almost everything in order to uplift the entire team. Being the boss is a big burden on you; it is your responsibility to pave the way to your team instead of misleading them to the wrong direction.

All what your team needs is some trust, transparency, proper guidance and inspiring teamwork. Otherwise, someday you will be testing your self-prescribed medication.

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