16K nationals apply for electricity and water subsidy

Muscat: The National Subsidy System (NSS) has resolved some technical glitches that prevented the registration of family members who have no civil number, and allowed registration via the birth certificates for citizens under 18 years.

The National Subsidy System continued receiving applications for electricity and water subsidies from citizens seeking to benefit from a 33 per cent subsidy designated to limited-income citizens.

As of Wednesday, nearly 16,000 citizens have applied to the system to receive the government subsidy.

The electricity and water subsidy applies to citizens who have valid electricity and water accounts for residential buildings provided that they meet certain conditions regarding the number of family members and the gross household monthly income.

The NSS targets to support Oman nationals and enables them to benefit from the government subsidy. It is considered a major enabler for eligible citizens to avail of subsidies designed to alleviate the impact of the liberalization of public utility tariffs such as electricity and water.

The government subsidy goes to citizens who meet the eligibility criteria set by the government.

Meanwhile, electricity and water companies witnessed a heavy rush with subscribers seeking to clear their arrears in preparation for the new bills of January 2021 after the reorientation of the government subsidy on electricity and water.

The NSS also applies for fuel subsidy with almost 359,000 nationals currently receiving the subsidy after meeting the eligibility conditions set by the government. The fuel subsidy is designated to nationals who own a vehicle or a fishing boat and whose total monthly income does not exceed RO 950.

Text by Zakaria Fikri

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