Your present savings can be future investment

The economic crises faced by many countries shows the importance of educating the people about the importance of saving and investing. In light of the increasing number of job-seekers in the country, it needs to direct them towards self-employment and facilitate all related matters, including motivation and funding.
It is important to manage one’s financial affairs and achieve financial success. It is a responsibility that should be shouldered by the person himself since he is responsible for achieving financial freedom for himself and his family members.
Money is a form of power, but awareness and financial education is the greatest force. Money comes and goes, but if a person enhances his financial intelligence and sharpens his earning skills, he will have the money and be able to achieve financial freedom.
In order to be wealthy, a person should refrain from splurging his money so that he can spend it later on important things.
Today there is a great desire to see that people’s savings are directed towards investment in the country, especially since there are thousands of expatriates who have managed to save and invest in various economic, commercial and real estate projects over the past decades.
This means there are many investment opportunities available to the Omanis, but the issue needs more flexibility and facilities to attract them without any complications.
Omani youth are aware of and understand the importance of saving for future investment and need to be more aware of not spending their money at once, so that they can later invest that money in useful and available investment channels. For example, they can become entrepreneurs or project investors.
The number of job-seekers in Oman is increasing. According to the data of the General Authority for the Labour Force Register, the number of job-seekers reached at the end of September 2017 about 43,968, of whom 8,335 were previously employed and 35,633 were not working.
A majority of those seeking employment are between 25 and 29 years of age with a total of 21,256 cases. The number of those aged between 18 and 24 years is 11,104 and the others are over the age of 30.
In terms of educational attainment of those seeking employment, university graduates come first with 17,690, while the number of those with general education diploma and its equivalent is 12,490, in addition to 8,381 diploma-holders, and others.
We conclude from some studies that the young people in the Sultanate are thinking hard to save money for future investment. Saving money also helps you to have a personal home and use it in business.
The number of small businesses in Oman is increasing every year, with more than 32,441 establishments reaching at the end of January 2018. Most of them are concentrated in Muscat Governorate, where trade opportunities and development are much greater than in other governorates.
Many Omani youths are now aware of the importance of saving, self-employment and great optimism in light of the decisions being pursued by the concerned parties.
The decisions issued by the Saih Al Shamikhat Symposium continue to represent a great incentive for exploiting the savings of these young people, directing them to establish small and medium enterprises in the various Omani governorates.
Choosing the right way to save and invest in the future requires from the outset spending regulation, with experts emphasising that it is always preferable to invest with own money, and not borrowed. Even if the amount is simple, there are no restrictions. So the loss of any part of money will not affect the daily life.