Redeveloped Mina Sultan Qaboos will continue to get ships

May 8- Contrary to concerns voiced by some local representatives of international cruise liners, the redeveloped Mina Sultan Qaboos waterfront will continue to cater to visiting passenger ships, among other types of yachts, sailboats and leisure crafts, according to a top official of Omran. 

“There is no change to the port’s cruise ship strategy,” said Peter Walichnowski, CEO – Omran. “Whatever ships that used to come in the past will come in the future as well. There is no change in the configuration. The cruise industry will continue as it was in the past. We have got to make in the planning allowances for the berthing of the cruise ships, the security, customs and all those sorts of things. And it’s going to be a fully operational cruise port.”

Importantly, the partnership is also exploring the potential for the redeveloped waterfront to serve as a homeport for visiting cruise ships — a feature that would allow for ships to start and conclude their voyages in Muscat. Among other benefits, homeporting encourages cruise passengers to spend part of their holiday in the city, either at the start or end of their voyage, thereby injecting more tourist dollars into the local economy.