Used tyres kept for sale seized

MUSCAT: In a major crackdown, Muscat Municipality officials confiscated a large number of used tyres which were stored in different warehouses and shops in parts of the city.
“The inspection team of the municipality, as part of its ongoing endeavor to ensure safety of citizens and residents, conducted raids in various storage facilities belonging to some companies at Misfah in the Wilayat of Baushar and seized recycled tyres which were intended to be sold to customers”, said a statement from the civic body.
Sale of used tyres is not allowed in the Sultanate following regulations enacted by the Public Authority for Consumer Protection in coordination with the Royal Oman Police to limit road accidents According to the civic statement, the companies did not have proper
licence even to store tyres.
“Re-use of used tyres are potential death traps on roads. The regulations gazatted by the authorities in 2015 spell out strict penalties on violators”, said an official at the Royal Oman Police.
The laws also enable authorities to confiscate tyres which are not produced for specification and standard tests, he said.
The regulations also ban sale of new light vehicle tyres if they remained unsold in the shelves for 24 months from the date of manufacture. The law states the validity for tyres of heavy vehicles at 30 months.
While the regulations also require suppliers to provide information on the country of production, the type of tyre, there should also be details on the optimum and maximum speed they can withstand apart from their temperature level.
A trader at a tyre shop Wadi Kabeer said that some customers prefer used tyres because they want them for a bargain.
“People want a cheap price regardless of the quality. This despite knowing the fact fully that these tyres they buy are removed from cars of customers who buy new treads”, he said.
To this, the ROP official said that the savings can result in accidents because old tyres can blow out, cause accident, injury or death at high speeds.
“Old tyres whether still on a vehicle or just bought from a shop, might easily explode at highway speeds. Faults in a tyre need not be visible. This might take place inside the tyre”, he warned.

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