Troup appointed manager of Oman golf team

MUSCAT: As part of the drive to grow the game of golf in the Sultanate, the Oman Golf Committee today appointed Steven Troup the national team manager. Adding to his existing role with Al Mouj Golf, Steven will help revamp the national team structure and work to strengthen the pool of Omani golfers to select from. Commenting on the appointment, Chairman of the Oman Golf Committee, Mundhir al Barwani noted, “We are really pleased to appoint Steven as he brings many years of experience and commitment to the role. This is the first of many new initiatives we will be launching for 2017 as we drive golf forward to become an important contributor to Oman’s growth. We will soon be announcing the criteria for selection of the national team, ensuring it is transparent and open to all Omani golfers.”
Steven Troup has been a PGA professional for 12 years and came to Oman from Qatar a year and a half ago. Steven quickly developed a reputation for his commitment to the sport and has helped many of Oman’s golfers to improve their game. With the support of Al Mouj Golf, Steven’s employers, this appointment highlights their commitment to help grow the game in Oman and develop a strong national team.
On the appointment, Steven said, “I feel really privileged to be given the position of national team manager and look forward to working closely with the Oman Golf Committee to establish the right environment in which the national team can thrive. I have helped some of the national team players previously on a coaching level and from my first weeks in Oman, I recognised immediately that there is an incredible amount of potential here. I’m relishing getting started and look forward to getting to know the players even better, but the primary focus is the long term development and ensuring this is done from the earliest ages to ensure Oman is producing a squad who can compete at the highest levels.”
Ali Hameed al Saleh, a board member of the committee and former national team player said: “The national team has represented Oman across the globe this year from South Korea to Scotland, the home of golf. There are very few sports that offer what golf does and we are now focused to strengthen the depth of the national team. The School Initiative we recently launched is the start and now bringing on board Steven’s expertise shows our commitment. 2017 is going to be a big year for golf.”
The Oman Golf Committee’s mission, with the support of the Ministry of Sporting Affair and our Partners Oman LNG, is to build a foundation for golf in Oman that will give all golfers (adults and children) the opportunity to play the sport. The committee wants to create an environment that allows beginners to learn and serious golfers to strive to the top. We will focus on raising the standard of golf in Oman and produce a national team capable of competing in international events like the Olympic Games and the World Cup of Golf. OGC aims to build a population of local golfers which will support the domestic clubs to ensure golf flourishes and is sustainable in the long term.
The Oman Golf Committee (OGC) was established by the Ministry of Sports Affairs on January 14, 2009, and is responsible for managing all technical, management, financial and organisational aspects of golf as a sport and its implementation in the Sultanate or abroad.