Tourism Ministry holds session on Tanfeedh implementation

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Tourism, in coordination with the Tanfeedh Delivery Unit, on Tuesday organised a comprehensive orientation session for all participants in the working groups which have been set up for the implementation of the Tanfeedh tourism lab outcome.
This stage of the Tanfeedh programme follows the six-week lab sessions, which resulted in the formulation and detailed analysis of 15 tourism initiatives. Those projects were then made public through the open days, which saw large numbers of society getting acquainted with the programmes.
Subsequently, the governance structure for Tanfeedh implementation was put in place. This consists of a steering committee, chaired by Ahmed al Mahrizi, the Minister of Tourism, the role of which is to oversee the execution process and to follow up with the initiative owners. The other important role the steering committee plays is also to address obstacles and challenges if and when they arise. The committee also includes several other tourism stakeholders from the public and private sectors.
894343The Ministry Delivery Unit is the team which is in charge of the operational aspects of the process supervision. Experts in various disciplines form this unit. This team also ensures alignment of projects with the ministry’s long-term tourism strategy.
The MDU liaises with the Tanfeedh Delivery Unit which is in charge of running the programme. Then there are four working groups, which represent the teams who plan and oversee the actual execution of initiatives. Their role is also to innovate and consider additional opportunities in the course of their working sessions. The working groups bring together executives from both public and private sectors, with entrenched experience in the tourism sector and who play a key role into the industry development.
The orientation to the members of the working groups is an essential step which will allow participants to become familiar with the details of the initiative, to understand their specific role in the working groups, as well as each project’s implementation mechanism.
The session focused on the formation of each of the groups, their operating modes and the methodology of reporting progress. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be the measurement tool through which the work progress on each initiative can be measured effectively against the set targets.
The next stage of the Tanfeedh programme will see all working groups starting a series of meetings to put the implementation plans in place and agree their execution calendar. The Steering Committee will meet on a monthly basis and verify the executional progress being made on the tourism initiatives, in close contact with the newly created Implementation and Follow-Up unit, chaired by Dr Khamis al Jabri.