The woman who won’t give up on her dreams

While you have your food, there is a sudden fragrance in the air that uplifts you immediately and then there is the instrumental music. It is only after a few seconds that the realization dawns upon you that you have actually sat back lost in beautiful thoughts. It is Daisy at work in one of the cafeterias run by a hospitality companies in Oman.

Hailing from Kiblawan, Davao del Sur in the Philippines, Daisy Teresita Mansueto has been in Oman for 12 years.
She is happy to serve each of her diners and she waits patiently as customers make their choice at the buffet. With every food she prepares and hands to the customer comes her gentle, shy smile.
It may felt to her like a lifetime ago now but she started out as a housekeeper when she got to Oman. She did house cleaning works for five years and was given an opportunity to move into administrative work.
She’s used to all the back-breaking tasks that serving her customers with an extra-smile is quite an upgrade to what she’s done in the past.
“I have been sitting in front of computer the whole time that I was serving as an administrative officer of the F&B department of my company. But with new business development that it has been going through, I was given this opportunity to do a different job,” she shared.
“This aspect of hospitality for me is new but I am enjoying it here at the outlet. I take it as a challenge,” she shared.
Not many of us are comfortable in handling a change in life or career. So what keeps her positive?
“Facing challenges is normal to me. I am a single mother of four children. My first son is already working and my second child is married. My two other children are still students. But I have trained them to be independent from a very young age,” said Daisy.
In fact it is the family that keeps her inspired.
“I am happy when I think of my family. They are my inspiration. So I do my work happily,” she shared.
Daisy grew up knowing the importance of being independent.
“My parents told me how to be independent because I am the oldest of the three. From my childhood days, I would go out and sell fruits and ice candies. My mother would make it and I would sell it every weekend. Even when going to school, I would have something useful to sell. I knew the value of money from a very young age. I also understood the value of one’s effort,” Daisy reflected.
What is your dream?
“I have a very simple dream. I just want to see my children happy and healthy. In other words, I want to see them content,” she said. She explained that this is a dream she can’t give up.
“I want to grow old with my mom. I don’t dream to be rich. I just want a simple life,” she said.
She thought for a few seconds and added, “Actually, we do have a team up dream! My eldest son is a good cook and he enjoys cooking. We would like to have a restaurant together.”
And Daisy would do everything in her power to make that possible even if it means working long hours and never minding tiredness or fatigue.
“Is it important to be rich?,” this reported asked.
“For me no. I think it is enough to have my own house, a roof over my head, food for three times a day.”
Managing the cafeteria mostly on her own, she has a way and style of doing things. She uses her own fragrance and also plays her signature music.
Asked about it, she explained, “I love music. I love to sing. I actually love art. Music makes my day. If you are stressed and tired, just play music and everything will be ok. I love nice scents. In my house, although it is a simple house, it must be organised and smelling nice. Life should be simple. Be content with what you have and do the best you can and that is it. You start the day and end the day with God. When you have all these, it is easy to fall asleep and have a goodnight’s sleep!”
Daisy leaves me dazed with perfect solution to life!