Sultanate ranks 70th on Sustainable Development Index

ALSAN, Korea: The Sultanate obtained the second place in the Arab world in Sustainable Development Index for 2016 issued by the “Seoul Ability” Foundation based in the Korean city of Alsan, and published on its website. The Sultanate came 70 globally, among 135 countries around the world.
Sweden topped the index, followed by Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, while Yemen came at the end of the index, followed by Antigua and Barbuda Islands, and Haiti.
The indicator is based on a number of sub-indices as natural capital, intellectual capital, management resources, social capital, governance and innovation. It aims to monitor the efficient use of resources, taking into account the environmental dimension, in addition to stand on social cohesion in society, competitiveness and biodiversity.
The Sultanate came in the 52nd place globally in the governance index, 61 in intellectual capital, 17 in the social capital, 61 in the innovation index and 141 in the natural capital index. — ONA