Sultanate to chair Arab Women Organisation

CAIRO: The Sultanate will assume the presidency of the 8th term of the Arab Women Organisation starting from March 2017 until March 2019, the 6th Arab Women Organisation conference announced. The Sultanate’s delegation was led by Shaikha Aisha bint Khalfan al Siyabiyah, Chairperson of the Public Authority for Crafts Industries. The 6th Arab Women Organisation conference, chaired and sponsored by the First Lady of Iraq, focused on the role of businesswomen in Arab states and the need to work together to transform challenges into opportunities. The conference called on associations to promote businesswomen and entrepreneurs while at the same time advocating for policy reforms at the national and regional levels towards women’s economic empowerment.
871010The current circumstances in the region require solidarity and concerted efforts including those of the Arab women who are contributing significantly to the comprehensive and sustainable development process, the Arab Women Organisation said in its final statement. The statement stressed that the Arab woman should perform new roles such as supporting the national institutions in the fighting conflicts and terrorism and boosting Arab solidarity. These new roles require the removal of cultural and economic obstacles facing women so that they can contribute effectively to the processes of social change and nation building.
The Omani researcher Asila bint Ali al Mazrouiya from the Humanities Research Centre at Sultan Qaboos University presented a working paper about the Omani women’s contribution to the economy explaining how the process of development modernisation in the Sultanate has created deep changes in the family structure and the status of Omani women and their social and economic participation. — ONA