Student, entrepreneur at just 14

Ruqaya al Haji

890987By Moza Said al Riyami — Ruqaya Khalfan al Haji is a tenth grader at Manah Primary School. Like any other girl of her age, she is studying hard for her exams that are fast approaching. There’s another side to this talented 14-year-old: she’s an entrepreneur who uses the social media to sell her wares. In between her busy schedule of rushing to school, studying and preparing for tests and assessments, she also makes some time to pursue her passion. She makes handcrafted items such as mattresses, pencil cases, children’s shoes and toys, bookmarkers and blankets, all out of wool. “This work gives me a chance to get some experience in handicrafts during my holidays.

890989890990It’s a way of having own money through my effort,” says Ruqaya, who picked up these skills from a cousin when she was in Grade 8. She makes different kinds of products and offers them on sale through WhatsApp. “This is just the beginning. I use the social media to promote my products.” Thanks to Ruqaya’s popularity, “I have a good number of customers now”. The numbers are growing by the day. She has another plan to hardsell her products. She will have an Instagram account, which is expected to give her a wider reach. More the eyeballs, more the revenues, according to her. Ruqaya is a good example of how one can make his/her spare time more productive.