State Council receives of Al Zahraa Al Sakateriya Primary School students

MUSCAT: Students from Al Zahraa al Sakateriya Primary School for Girls of North Sharqiyah Governorate, toured the State Council on Monday, for becoming  aware about the role of the Council, its powers and mechanism of work. The guided tour by Abdullah bin Saif Mohamed Al Sibani, Director of the Culture, Information and Tourism Committee gave an insider’s view to the students, who shared that it is a great way to find out about the Council and its relevance and learn about the impact it makes across the Sultanate. The presentation delivered by Sibani displayed the role and strengths of Council and a diverse range of topics, including rules and laws relating to governance.
Sibani referred to the three authorities of the state, the provisions of the State Council according to the statutes, which indicates the number of members of the Council, the mechanism of appointment, the conditions of membership in the State Council. He also highlighted the differences between the State Council and the Shura Council with regard to competencies, members, and the extent of power, in addition to the stages and duration of the passing of the draft law. The students also learned about the organisational structure of the council and its activities and achievements, stressing that the council always seeks to activate the level of partnership with the local community through lectures, seminars, in addition to the role of the website and the tools of social communication in this regard.