Sri Lanka seeks hangmen to resume executions

Colombo: Sri Lanka has started advertising for hangmen, after the president vowed to resume executions for the first time in four decades as part of a hardline anti-drugs crackdown inspired by the Philippines.
Candidates must have “mental strength” and “excellent moral character”, according to job ads placed by prison authorities to fill long-vacant positions.
There are two vacancies, and only Sri Lankan men aged between 18 and 45 need apply.
Sri Lanka has not hanged any convicts since a moratorium on capital punishment was imposed in 1976, but President Maithripala Sirisena last week announced plans to resume hangings within two months.
An executioner was in post at the main prison in Colombo until his retirement in 2014, but attempts to replace him failed. Three recruits had quit within weeks with no work to do.
The chosen candidates will be offered a maximum salary of 36,410 rupees ($208) a month and will be eligible for a state pension. — AFP